This crazy video shows Dota 2 as a first-person shooter

Steven Rondina • January 4, 17:57

What would Dota 2 look like as a first-person shooter? Content creator W200ME decided to give fans a good look at the possibility in a first-person shooter video contest.

The video has caught the eyes of Dota 2 fans due to its unique perspective, showing the perspective of an overpowered Sniper taking to the lanes and wiping out enemy creeps and heroes. The video is heavily stylized and shows Sniper in a number of settings with an unreleased skin. Between each scene of gunplay is a nicely executed transition to a third-person perspective showing Sniper roaming around the map. 

“As you can see I transformed our lovely MOBA into FPS…I made this video for an FPS video editing contest but I think they didn’t take my entry seriously. I’m a bit upset but still happy [with the] result,” W200ME said in a post on social media.

The creator also noted that the video took just nine days to complete.

Dota  Cinema editor shows off Dota 2 shooter video

W200ME, who works as an editor for popular Dota 2 YouTube channel Dota Cinema, also noted that some of the combat scenes are actually based on real Counter-Strike: Global Offensive replays. He did not discuss the specific clips that these were based on, but it’s easy to see the similarities between the video and the tactical shooter, especially when Sniper’s gun is firing similarly to an automatic rifle.

Many saw the video and thought it was a trailer for a new Dota 2 mod. Though there have been a number of creative arcade games released in Dota 2, including one that turns the game into Counter-Strike, fans won’t be getting anything other than a top-down view while playing natively within Dota 2. 

Unfortunately, fans looking for a first-person MOBA experience have limited options. Though games like Smite have delivered interesting takes on the MOBA genre by leaning on action game mechanics, the closest thing to a shooter MOBA may be Battleborn.


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