New mod Polystrike released, combines Counter-Strike and Dota 2

Steven Rondina • April 11, 09:00

Looking for more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when you play Dota 2? Or maybe you want a bit more of a retro gaming experience when playing Counter-Strike? Polystrike has that covered.

The Dota 2 mod is officially in open beta, giving fans to try out the game mode that captured the attention of both esports titles.

Polystrike is an interesting take on Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, transforming the game into a top-down shooter. The game draws clear influence from a number of other titles like Alien Swarm and Hotline Miami. Though one might expect its foundation in Dota 2 to result in a slow or plodding experience, Polystrike is fast-paced and exciting.

Though it might look different, the game is still about Counter-Strike at its core. The game has the same win conditions, and features the same arsenal and economic system of the original.

The mod was originally revealed in July 2019 and the game has noticeably improved by leaps and bounds in the months since. To promote the game moving into the open beta phase, Polystrike revealed a new trailer that shows off both more refined gameplay and smoother gunplay.

polystrike buy menu

While the early media for the game primarily revolved around Dust 2, the open beta trailer shows off a number of maps including competitive staple Inferno and Counter-Strike 1.6 throwback Pool Day. Notably, the game also has hostage mode alongside defusal, with perennial favorite Office being featured.

Polystrike is available now, with more information available on its Steam community page. Mod creator Mark Mocherad has been shipping updates with bug fixes and broader localization, so make sure to subscribe and follow him on Twitter.


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