Skye flash bug

This bug lets you cure blindness from Skye flashes in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Skye’s flashes are the strongest in Valorant for their range and blinding power, but Skye herself may be the antidote. 

There are plenty of flashers in Valorant, but few are blinding. Breach, Skye, Yoru, and Kay/O are equipped with tools that paint screens white, but Skye remains the most powerful because her flashes also gather information. There are a few ways to dodge it, but a new bug was discovered to neutralize her blinding birds.

A new bug in Valorant offers an antidote for the initiator’s flashes by shortening their duration. However, it requires Skye’s bird to diminish the enemy Skye’s flash impact. 

New Skye bug makes her flashes negligible

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Players have discovered a game-breaking bug that reduces the duration of an enemy Skye’s blind. Players can use this trick to flash out the enemy while dodging their fully working bird. Here’s how it works.

This bug requires a Skye pop flash, also known as half-flash, which bursts behind the player model. This type of blind is often used in aggressive playstyles to push into the enemy territory. As soon as an opponent’s bird comes into sight, Skye players should equip their own flash. Release it and pop it after moving ahead of the bird. The pop flash will mitigate the duration of the enemy Skye’s flash, reducing the timing to half a second. 

This is an impactful bug as it both neutralizes Skye’s blind and shuts down the probable follow-up to the pop flash. Enemies looking to capitalize on blinded opponents will instead be left blind themselves. It’s unknown whether this trick works with other flashers, but it has the potential to be exploited in different ways. 

Skye’s flashes are generally tricky to use, so timing is of utmost importance in this bug. This is the only reason low-ranked players may not exploit this glitch, making it less threatening. However, in higher lobbies, this Skye bug can be lethal. While it doesn’t necessarily qualify for a hotfix, it certainly needs to be patched in a future Valorant update.