How to best use Valorant agent Skye

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s wild initiator Skye hails from nature, but she’s not all kind and mellow. The flasher agent can be deadly for opponents to run into. 

Skye entered the active protocol in patch 1.11 and became a centerpiece of every successful agent composition. It took players a while to figure out her kit, which is extremely rewarding. The initiator is perfect for the current fast-paced meta where intel-gathering is the key to winning a competitive game. 

Valorant has plenty of flashers, but no one does it quite like Skye. The agent is the second healer in the loaded roster of 17, so players often prefer her over other flasher characters. However, her complex kit can go to waste in the wrong hands. 

How to use Skye’s flash 

Skye’s blind or Guiding Light is a unique trinket that not only flashes enemies but provides intel. 

  • Try not to throw her flash when there’s no teammate around.
  • Skye notifies teammates’ of the enemy’s presence who’re dazzled. So, only use the trinket when teammates are around to jump on vulnerable enemies. 
  • Guide the bird with keys, just like Jett’s smoke to prevent flashing your teammates. 
  • Try using the bird as bait in higher-rank games. Release the bird, but don’t activate it. Your teammate can take down the enemy as soon as they face away to dodge the flash. 

How to use Skye’s dog

Skye’s Trailblazer is another intel-gatherer beast that concusses enemies upon contact. 

  • Release the dog at the beginning of the round as a defender on large maps. This will allow teammates to rotate gun power to another site. 
  • Try to walk alongside the dog to take down concussed enemies instantly. 
  • Skye’s dog has 60 HP, and its movement is audible. Enemies would often shoot down the beast before it concusses them. Request your teammate to throw a grenade at the source of fire to do damage anyway. 

How to use Skye’s heal

Skye beats Sage’s heal in terms of quantity, but the agent can’t patch up her own bullet holes. Skye’s heal is a powerful ability as she can patch up multiple teammates within her Regrowth’s radius.

  • The agent must give up her weapon for as long as the heal goes on, so it’s recommended to perform healing from safety. 
  • Request teammates to gather at a safe spot to get their healing. 

How to use Skye’s ult 

Skye has three Seekers that track down nearest enemies and near sights them. 

  • Use this ability when your enemies have an agent advantage in a do-or-die situation—for example, releasing Seekers so you can decide the safest site to plant the Spike.
  • On attack, use Seekers to pair them with your flashbang and clear out an area.
  • Communicate with duelists while you’re using Seekers so they can react quicker and takedown exposed agents.