Cypher setup

These tricky Cypher camera lineups can win your games on Split

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Split is Cypher’s home turf as he shines the most on the Japanese battleground. And these camera lineups can help make Split a cakewalk.

Smaller Valorant locations are tough to tackle due to excessive chokepoints and tight alleyways. Few agents can effectively handle the challenge of shining on Split the way Cypher does. The Morrocan spy is equipped with trailblazing tech that helps him hide his utility in plain sight. The B site is a breeze when you have Cypher on the roster, but A is nothing less than a lion’s den. 

Opening and defending A on Split can be tricky. These two camera lineups can help you strategize by adding to your team’s intel. 

Cypher SpyCam lineup to attack Split’s A site 

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One of the trickiest parts when hitting A is anticipating where the opposing team’s sniper is. An Operator on Jett can shut down the entire site while dealing damage. This SpyCam lineup is for the most predictable Operator spot, revealing whether it’s safe to peak or not. The camera shows the screen area, helping duelists make their way. 

The camera goes on top of the tower in this lineup, slipping behind the ledge. The attacker Cypher would be in complete safety while attaching the camera on the spot. Once the camera is settled, activate it to see whether the crossing is clear. The duelists should stick forward to cover Cypher and make a move once they get a green signal. If an Operator is locking the choke point, attackers can use utility and strategize before taking them down. 

Cypher camera lineup to defend Split’s A site 

Sometimes your enemies are just better skilled. If attackers continue to flex their aim on your team, it’s better to resort to a more deliberate approach. This lineup to defend Split’s A site informs whether there are any enemies making their way towards A. 

For this lineup, equip the camera and jump. Attach the SpyCam at the peak of the jump as soon as it hits the glass. The device will attach to the metal, revealing all enemies entering the A site through the area. From safety, view your camera to transfer your new intel to teammates. This makes defending both the sites much easier.

Due to the barrier, Cypher won’t be able to tag enemies. However, enemies won’t be able to destroy the SpyCam either, making it a viable lineup that works throughout the round.