These are the must-know callouts for new Valorant map Lotus

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s latest map Lotus is still new, which means players will need at least a month to familiarize themselves with its complex layout. Our callouts on Lotus should help you get started. 

Riot Games brings Valorant’s iconic map-specific gimmicks back in Lotus, but in a surprising twist, there are too many of them to handle. Besides its large size, Lotus comes with revolving doors, a silent drop, a breakable wall, and, finally, three bomb points. It’s, by far, Valorant’s most unique and complex map, so learning callouts is crucial to winning.

Pro tip: if you don’t know all Lotus callouts just now, make sure you still inform your teammates by naming a landmark. For example, if you’re close to a slope, just call out the ramp; if you spot a tree, even that works as a callout. In essence, it’s crucial to communicate even if you don’t know the exact location, this is precisely how community-curated map callouts get popular with time. 

You’ll notice that older Valorant maps have community callouts that don’t appear on the official layout. These are created by the members who religiously play Valorant. 

But learning basic callouts for Lotus won’t hurt, so we have prepped all callouts you need to know. 

Lotus callouts Valorant

Lotus’ real estate is large enough to accommodate both Icebox and Split, so defenders are in for a tough time. Fortunately, shortcuts like fragile and rotating doors make it easier to rotate quicker. Each site is connected to another through short alleys. The tight pipelines between sites make up for the complex layout that puts defenders at a disadvantage. 

Attackers, on the other hand, will notice that A site looks quite similar to Bind’s point B. The developers had previously teased that map nine would resemble an existing map, so they were likely talking about Bind when it was on active duty. The hut on A site will make it easier to get Spike plants even when the area is crowded. Having Harbor in your corner will make it ten times easier. 

These callouts are new and may mature into more detailed titles as the map ages. Lotus is still not a part of Valorant esports, so new callouts may emerge when pro players start playing it at a higher level of competition. 

Is Lotus an attacker-sided map? 

Lotus is primarily a balanced map, leaning a bit toward attackers. The layout is complex, which favors attackers due to the triple sites. Defenders may struggle to guard one of three points, but picking a sentinel may help.