These are the longest subathons on Twitch so far

By Olivia Richman


Nov 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Subathons are a way for streamers to attract attention with ludicrously long streams, and Twitch Partner Emilycc has become the first person to have a continuous year-long subathon.

Emilycc livestreamed for 365 days, which is the equivalent of 8,760 hours, to reach the shocking record. And she is still going now. As of writing this article, Emilycc has been livestreaming for 370 days. Her new goal is to stream for two years.

The subathon is uncapped, meaning it can technically continue for as long as people donate. Her rate has been $1 or 100 bits for three minutes. Whenever someone subs to her, Emilycc spins a wheel that adds anywhere from one to 20 minutes. Some Twitter mathematicians calculated that she made at least $65,000 after Twitch took its controversial cut.

Emilycc has smashed previous subathon records and has livestreamed the longest of any streamer. Here are the other streamers who have pulled off an impressive subathons.

The longest subathons and streams on Twitch

A subathon is when a streamer must continuously livestream as long as they are given donations and subscriptions. Every time someone donates or subscribes, a certain amount of time is added to their subathon. Some subathons are capped, but some including Emilycc’s don’t have a time limit.


Notmes is a World of Warcraft streamer who livestreamed for 115 consecutive days ending in April of this year. Notmes has 146,000 followers on Twitch where he has been streaming since 2014. He is a previous World of Warcraft champion.


TaySpokes livestreamed for 112 days ending in March of 2022. His streams typically feature League of Legends content. He is a relatively small content creator with just 2,600 followers on Twitch, and no doubt many of them learned of him for that marathon stream.


This FPS player made it to 89 days ending in April of 2022. He is often found playing Overwatch, Destiny, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with his friends. The nonstop subathon resulted in over 100,000 unique people joining his chat and gaining 15,535 subs.


This Danish streamer is usually in the Just Chatting and Traveling categories. He is a former stand-up comedian who has become a content creator on YouTube and Twitch. The entertainer one livestreamed for 78 days, ending in March of 2022.

How long was Ludwig’s subathon Twitch stream?

Before heading over to YouTube, Ludwig blew up on Twitch thanks to a month-long subathon. Over those 31 days, Ludwig reached over 200,000 subscribers. While his livestream lasted nowhere near as long as the record holders above, it’s safe to say that his 24/7 livestream helped him blow up. Ludwig is now one of the most famous streamers on YouTube.