These are the best Valorant cosplays of 2020

By Olivia Richman


Nov 29, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Even though live conventions have been halted in 2020, cosplayers have not slowed down when it comes to creating amazing cosplays based on their favorite video game characters and icons, including some from new tactical shooter Valorant.

Ever since Valorant was released earlier this summer, cosplayers have been inspired not only by the agents’ unique outfits but also their personalities and attitudes. It’s no surprise that many cosplayers have created many mind-blowing cosplays that fully embrace Valorant’s vibrant agents. Here’s a look at some cosplays that have really stood out due to their accuracy and quality. Prepare to be inspired. 

Killjoy cosplay by Farbenfuchs 

Valorant Killjoy cosplay

When Killjoy was announced by Riot developers, cosplayers were immediately drawn to the quirky and intelligent agent. Farbenfuchs did a striking job capturing Killjoy’s colorful personality from head to toe. The puffy yellow jacket, round glasses, beanie, and gloves solidified her as a Killjoy doppelganger. According to the German cosplayer, the jacket was the toughest part of the cosplay to create. 

Viper cosplay by Peyton Cosplay

Viper Valorant cosplay

Viper might not be the most popular agent, but she sure makes for a kickass cosplay. Peyton Cosplay is an Argentinian cosplayer who usually focuses on League of Legends, but she couldn’t resist transforming into the poison-obsessed Valorant agent. With a custom-made mask and even a vile of Viper’s signature noxious fumes, Peyton Cosplay completely embodied the secretive agent. 

Breach cosplay by Twin Cosplay

Breach Valorant cosplay

For cosplay fans that want to see cosplayers truly embody their characters, look no further than Twin Cosplay’s Valorant-inspired masterpiece. It wasn’t enough for Twin Cosplay to simply don Breach’s high-tech armor. He also had to make sure he captured Breach’s hair perfectly, beard and all. It’s almost impossible to tell Twin Cosplay apart from the disruptive agent. 

Phoenix cosplay by Black Ace Cosplays

Phoenix Valorant cosplay

Black Ace Cosplays has really nailed Phoenix. He not only wore Phoenix’s badass jacket, but he really embraced the agent’s personality and gameplay style in his Valorant photo shoots. In many of his photos on Instagram, you can see him expertly peeking around corners, planning where to use his flashes, and even using his ultimate to resurrect himself. 

Reyna cosplay by Nadya Anton 

Reyna Valorant cosplay

Nadya Anton transformed herself into the Mexican pubstomper, complete with purple hair and signature weapon. She even included Reyna’s arm tattoos! In every pose, Anton captures the sultry and soul-hungry agent’s intensity from piercing glares to mid-combat action shots. 

Jett cosplay by Yoonfruit

Jett Valorant cosplay

Brazilian cosplayer Yoonfruit has been sharing a lot of eerily convincing photos of herself as Valorant agent Jett. Many of her photos are mirror images of Valorant’s marketing material, using the same poses Jett’s in down to the floating dagger. Yoonfruit’s cosplay looks completely like the sneaky Valorant agent, including her clothing, hairstyle, tools, and weapon. Yoonfruit looks ready to Tailwind and then blast an enemy in the face with a shotgun any second now. 


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