These are the best Spike planting locations on Split

By Olivia Richman


Aug 30, 2020

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Planting the Spike in Valorant requires a deceptive amount of thought. 

As the attacking team, where you place the Spike can be the difference between victory and defeat. It’s important to place the Spike in a location that not only takes into account your team’s strengths, weapons, and numbers, but the opposing team’s position, agents, and potential for a retake. 

Available since the first day of Valorant’s closed beta, Split is a simple map with two sites on the far left and far right. Teams often fight for high ground dominance in the middle of Split. What makes the map a bit more dynamic is the addition of ropes, allowing players to climb up or down with quicker movement speeds. 

Here’s a closer look at the best places to plant the Spike in Split. 

Split: A Bombsite Spike locations

A site is pretty large, and has a number of viable spots for planting the Spike. One of the most common Spike planting locations is behind the transit. Someone on your team should stand to the left side of the Transit, allowing the attacking team to be on guard for an incoming push from defenders from A Back. 

As mentioned in our previous Spike guide, when you choose the most popular planting location, you’ll run the risk of molly abilities like Killjoy’s Nanoswarm much more frequently. Since incoming defenders can better predict where you may be positioned, there’s no harm in throwing some grenades or nanobots your way before they charge in. 

If you want to plant the Spike in a less common spot, try planting it near A Back. This will protect your team from possible utility coming your way from Heaven. One teammate will need to cover A Back to ensure you’re not too exposed from that angle. 

While it’s a bit riskier, it’s also possible to plant the Spike in front of the Transit, instead of behind. The attacking team can cover it from anywhere on the point but will only be able to hold off defenders if they’re prepared to watch the Spike from all possible angles. 

Valorant Split Spike guide

Split: B Bombsite Spike locations

B Bombsite is a bit less popular than A Site because it’s not as open. Of course, there are still a few prime locations to keep the attacking team ahead. The most popular plant for B Site is behind the box. It’s considered one of the safest and most effective planting spots despite B Back being a bit open for an incoming attack. 

To avoid possible molly spam from defenders, try planting the Spike in the center of B Site. This offers a bit more protection from B Back, as well as B Alley, B Rafters, and B Ramp. While it’s still a bit high risk, it’s also trickier for defenders. Players attempting to defuse the Spike will be exposed from four different locations around the site. 

Attacking teams not looking for such a risky, intense play can plant the Spike near the two boxes in the corner. This spot is a bit more hidden on your team’s end. Agents like Brimstone can also utilize their abilities to better keep the corner secure. Meanwhile, defenders attempting to defuse the Spike will be exposed to your teammates on B Back, B Ramp, and Rafters. 

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