These are the best Valorant agents to counter Killjoy

By Olivia Richman


Aug 13, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant players have been complaining about Killjoy’s power. Developer Riot Games has promised to further tweak the new agent, but how can players best deal with her until then? 

Riot recently banned the 12th agent from upcoming Valorant tournaments to better ensure competitive integrity. Developers claimed the agent wasn’t quite ready for the big stage, a sentiment shared by the game’s competitive scene due to her overpowered and unavoidable Nanoswarm ability. 

Meanwhile, how can Valorant players fight against the enemy team’s turret-happy, defense-focused agent? Let’s take a look at some of the agents that players can utilize to easily counter Killjoy’s seemingly oppressive kit. 


Jett Killjoy counter

Two of Killjoy’s abilities rely heavily on vision. Her Alarmbot “hunts down enemies” within a specific range, leaving opponents within the area vulnerable to double damage. Killjoy’s Turret is another ability that only targets enemy agents within its range. 

By using an agent like Jett, or even Omen, players are able to get out of Killjoy’s turret ranges much easier. Updraft and Tailwind allow Jett to simply maneuver out of the Alarmbot or Turret’s range, rendering them useless. Omen can do the same thing by teleporting. 

Of course, players wouldn’t want to leave Killjoy alone on a site to defend a site with her turret without interruption. But once her opponents learn the gadgets’ various ranges, it’s much easier to avoid getting caught in their crosshairs and to deal damage to Killjoy from a safe distance. 


Cypher Killjoy counter

Killjoy’s main objective is defending a site or protecting the spike. In order for her abilities to effectively accomplish this, Killjoy players must have a good understanding of Valorant’s various maps. Opponents can counter that by having an advantage when it comes to map knowledge. 

Who better to spy on the map than the king of surveillance himself? Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft, allows the player to see every enemy’s location on the map. His Spycam is another useful tool with a similar effect. Knowing where the enemy Killjoy is gives insight into where she has planted her devices. 

Once the Cypher’s entire team knows Killjoy’s whereabouts, they’ll be able to strategize a push that avoids her turrets and traps. 


Sova Killjoy counter

Sova is another insightful agent that can stop Killjoy’s plans with the right strategy. His Recon Bolt not only uncovers nearby enemies but also Killjoy’s turrets. This useful information can help his team easily avoid any defense Killjoy and her team are planning. 

Sova’s Shock Bolts can also be used to destroy various traps, including Killjoy’s gadgets. Sova can also use his Shock Bolts to quickly deplete her Lockdown’s 150 health bar. His ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, is another way to destroy her defensive setup from afar. 


Raze Killjoy counter

Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, has a long windup time before it’s deployed. An agent that could deny her the ability to plant the force field will definitely weaken Killjoy’s defenses. 

Since Killjoy will most likely have a turret or gadget near her while she is loading Lockdown, players probably won’t want to get too close to her. Thus it’s particularly helpful to utilize an agent that can stop her from afar, and Raze is a great example of such an agent. With her long-range abilities like Cluster Grenade and Showstopper, this damage-focused agent can stop Killjoy’s defense plan without running into her pesky turrets. 

Want to learn more about Valorant’s newest agent? 


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