These are the best locations to plant the Spike on Bind

By Olivia Richman


Aug 24, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Planting the Spike. It’s a big part of Valorant, and players want to ensure that they do it right. 

Planting the Spike isn’t as simple as just rushing to a point and slamming it down. It takes teamwork, strategy, and communication, just like it did to even get to the point in the first place. It doesn’t stop once players reach the point, either. When an agent places the Spike, they should be taking the other team’s location and their own team’s situation before choosing the location. 

And once the Spike is placed, teams should understand how to defend it properly. Players really can’t slack on strategy and communication at this point. Teams need it until the very end of the round to be successful. 

Every Valorant map has its own unique strategy, down to where to place the Spike. Let’s take a closer look at some spots that can give the defending team an advantage on Bind. 

Bind: A Bombsite Spike locations

Site A is quite large, split by the truck and boxes that are placed in the middle. This separation creates a clear distinction between the defending and attacking side. The go-to location is often the truck. This is a safe place to plant the Spike because agents can use their utility to cut the approaching team from reaching the opposite side of the vehicle.

But this is a very common tactic, meaning that the opposing team will most likely be suspecting this, resulting in defenders being bombarded by molly abilities like Killjoy’s Nanoswarm or Raze’s Cluster Grenade or Showstopper ult. 

A riskier but less predictable alternative is planting the Spike right in the middle of the site. By placing the Spike right between the boxes and the truck, agents can keep an eye on it from anywhere on Site A. Defenders coming to stop the Spike from detonating will have a more difficult time pinpointing where the defending team is located, making it very difficult to rush in. 

Valorant Spike A

Bind: B Bombsite

Site B isn’t as dynamic a site as Site A, with fewer options for Spike placement and for rushing in when the Spike is placed. The open crate in the middle of the site, however, creates an interesting dynamic for both teams. While it’s not recommended to plant the Spike right inside the crate, it’s still a great hiding spot for agents and for the Spike if used correctly. 

One of the more popular Spike planting locations is right in front of the crate. This is the most common Spike location on Site B because both sides of the crate can be easily monitored while another teammate plants it. Teammates can look down on the location from the window, B garden, and elbow, making it easier to defend than other locations. Defenders should be aware of molly abilities from the attacking team. 

Some teams opt to plant the Spike in the corner between the larger crate and the smaller crate. While it’s not considered as safe as directly behind both crates, this position better allows defenders to place walls, smoke, and other utilities in a way that makes the attacking team’s entrance more predictable. 

Valorant Bind B site

Alternatively, defenders can place the Spike to the right of the crates facing the window. This is a more open location that keeps defenders safer from mollies like Killjoy’s Nanoswarm. The downside is that it’s a bit riskier. The planter will have to be more aware of their surroundings as they place the Spike since attackers can charge in from B Backsite and B Halls. This would spell a swift defeat to the defenders if not done with the right communication and strategy.

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