Best Valorant aim training methods

These are best Valorant aim training methods in KovaaK’s

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Have you mastered your primary Valorant agents’ abilities but still can’t seem to climb ranks? Try these Valorant training methods in KovaaK’s to hone up your skills in aiming and shooting, which are huge parts of what it takes to excel in Valorant.

Unlike your traditional first-person shooter games, Valorant has many layers that make learning complex and challenging. Riot’s tactical shooter added an exciting twist of ability-packing characters to the world of FPS games, which can sometimes overshadow the impact of mechanical skills. 

If you’ve memorized all lineups by rote and still struggle to land a kill, it might be time to hop into Kovaak’s training maps. Valorant isn’t all about popping heads, but having crisp aim surely helps to rank up. 

Best Valorant aim training method by using KovaaK’s: 

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  • Find out your weakest areas. For example, poor reaction time, errant crosshair placement, and more.
  • Find a map in KovaaK’s that focuses on your weak points. 
  • Play this map for at least half an hour regularly. 
  • Hop into the in-game range after practicing in KovaaK’s.
  • Run at least one deathmatch game daily after steps one and two before entering the ranked queue. 

Best Valorant aim training maps in Kovaak’s

Training your aim in scenario-based maps is crucial if you’re serious about boosting your rank. Fortunately, KovaaK’s has tons of maps based on in-game scenarios that will help you rank up in your Valorant career. Try out these maps and notice a dramatic change in your in-game performance after just a few weeks. 

Peek training with player model

This is one of the best Valorant aim training methods since it includes a player model, variable distances, and limited bullets for use. Valorant has a peeker’s advantage problem, and this map prepares you for it in the best way possible. The models appear at close and long ranges when you peek back, forcing you to readjust your crosshair as needed. Valorant peek training with player model allows players to understand in-game peeking better. 

Recoil control Valorant

Recoil control is crucial to learn if you’re working with a Phantom. Valorant spray is much different from other FPS games, so spending some time on this map is recommended. You’ll come out with a better understanding of Valorant recoil at various ranges. 

Flick training

If you’re in the mood for some chill routine with music playing in the background, the Valorant flick training method is perfect for you. It’s a satisfyingly simple map that requires you to burst your shots at balls appearing across your screen. This practice map improves your reflex, reaction time, and aim. 

Valorant Trackstops

Tracking is one of the best practice methods, no matter which FPS game you’re playing. Valorant becomes exceptionally impactful here since running and gunning is common in-game situation. You’ll often see enemies jumping around with Judges, and that’s when this practice would most come into play.