tactibears and plushies

These are all the tactibears and plushies in Valorant so far

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 23, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant ranked games can be painfully competitive. But cute tactibears and plushies scattered around Valorant maps add a nice touch to the otherwise grueling games. 

When Riot Games released the original map pool, players didn’t pay much attention to fluffy animals placed at random spots. Maps like Breeze, Icebox, and more indicated that the devs purposely hide these easter eggs for players to hunt. 

All Valorant maps have tons of tactibears, penguins, rabbits, and snow figures hidden in unusual spots. Some of these are in plain sight, whereas others require ghost mode as they’re chilling deep inside secret rooms. The tactibears and plushies in Valorant don’t necessarily impact the gameplay. Their job is to sit tight, look cute, and make Valorant maps less tedious. 

Here are all the tactibears and plushies in Valorant


The bears in Ascent are super sneaky. Spotting them without slithering through the walls is almost impossible as most of them hide under tables and outside the playable area. You’ll also see a panda sharing a meal with a chubby dolphin while a deadly squirrel munches on a grenade. Tactibears and plushies in Valorant map Ascent are too unbothered to pay attention to a full-blown war going on.

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Office-like Split has multiple action figures lined up in defenders’ spawn showcase, but it features very few tactibears. As opposed to bears on Ascent, Split’s easter eggs are well-mannered, silently hiding in their reserved spots. 

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Tactibears on Bind are stashed inside crates among the spices and fruits. They’re shadowed in the dark rooms, but it’s not too tough to spot them. One of them can easily be seen during the attacker buy phase when you’re slashing through the sacks of colorful powder. The cute teddy is chilling in a wooden crate under the table along with dolphin plushie. 

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It seems that tactibears aren’t fans of the extensive location Haven, just like Valorant players. Despite its large size, only two teddy bears have been spotted on Haven. One of them is tucked away in a window on B site, while the other is trying to blend with the brown color of the A link window. 

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Before Icebox, Valorant Easter eggs were mainly limited to tanned fluffy bears. Riot Games extended the stuffed animal protocol with bunnies, pandas, penguins, and snowman with the release of Icebox. The creatures are scattered generously across the tundra. 

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Most stuffed animals are positioned to seem like they’re playing their own Valorant ranked game. Some bears are watching the doors, penguins are carrying suspicious bags, and one tactibear seems almost angry while carefully peeking through a crate. 


Valorant players may not have liked Breeze’s double mid layout at first, but they instantly fell in love with the abundance of cute teddies. Riot Games introduced a sloth hanging on a tree with a dangerous gun for the first time. Bears were also spotted sharing a wholesome meal while agents blew up the beachy location next door.

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Sloth plushies also made it to Fracture’s dusty arena. There are plenty of tactibears and plushies in Valorant’s H-shaped location, but they’re not as friendly as the ones in Breeze. Some teddies are stuck on a table, while others are lifted by heavy machinery. Deadly squirrel also makes a special appearance on a sofa. 

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