These are all the Mageseeker bosses

By Nicholas James


Apr 24, 2023

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If you’re trying to figure out how far you are into the latest Riot Forge game, here is our full list of all the Mageseeker bosses.

There are 13 proper boss fights throughout the course of The Mageseeker, each of them offering a slightly different spin on the game’s signature 2D action gameplay. From the very first boss fight against the Polar Lizard to the final confrontation against a high-ranking Mageseeker, there is lots to take in.

If you’re looking for a complete list of all of the Mageseeker bosses, look no further.

Mageseeker bosses

Polar Lizard

Polar Lizard

The Polar Lizard is the first boss fight of the game, and it’s there to teach you the basics of boss fights in The Mageseeker. The Polar Lizard is quite easy to beat once you figure out using the environmental elements in the boss battle to exploit its weaknesses.

Giant Helm

The first Giant Helm you fight is another teaching moment in The Mageseeker, swapping between elements that have extra effficacy against one another. This fight will teach you to pace the rate at which steal magic and use it. It’s not too difficult either, and serves to get you ready for other fights.

Sylas’ Nightmare

Sylas Nightmare

The first time you fight Sylas’ nightmare is really just preparation for the second fight, getting used to the way the stages of the nightmare play out. Steal its magic and focus on dodging and surviving the environmental threats and you’ll be just fine.

Kara’s Prison

This fight is theoretically against Wisteria and the Mageseekers, but it’s really just a time trial to see how quickly you can break through Kara’s cage. Focus on the cage and staying alive long enough to damage it.

Warden of the Forest

Warden of the Forest

The Warden of the Forest is best tackled with nature magic, but is otherwise a simple enough boss. Hit it with nature magic and its own wind attacks while ducking behind the pillars in order to avoid its attacks. The four pillars in each corner of the room are meant to keep you safe, so use them for just that.


Guarded by the Warden of the Forest, Morgana is one of the first semi-challenging boss fights in the game. Duck in and out of combat with her first phase and make sure not to try and steal her magic, as it will only grant her a shield. In her second phase, use the grapple points available on the map to avoid her rooting chains.

Sylas’ Nightmare 2

The second time you face Sylas’ Nightmare is just a longer and more compelx version of the first fight. If you can focus on staying mobile, you’ll be able to take this fight down without too much trouble. In the dodge-heavy sequences, Sylas’ Nightmare can be easily predicted.



The Rattleclaw boss is going to test your ability to weave Heavy Attacks in between dodges. It has tons of armor, so using the right attacks at the right time is the main test of the Rattle Claw. You’ll get Lux’s Final Spark at the end of the battle, so focus on whittling down the armor before going for a burst of damage all at once.

Garen, Jarvan, Jarvan & Shyvana, Shyvana

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This is a four stage boss fight with various champions from League of Legends translated to The Mageseeker. It begins with a fight against Garen, which is relatively easy. Punish Garen’s immobility while he stands still and dodge away while he continues his iconic spin.

From there you’ll fight Jarvan, which is another relatively easy fight, since Jarvan alone is merely the first of three stages. Focus on whittling down the progress on uprooting Jarvan’s staff and dodge away from his AoE abilities. Once you’ve defeated him, fellow champion Shyvana will descend from the sky. From there, focus on the nearest enemy at any given point in the fight. Shyvana and Jarvan share a health bar here, so stay safe and get damage in when you can.

Finally Shyvana will adopt her dragon form, and Jarvan will become a temporary nuisance. Shyvana turns vast swaths of the battlefield unsafe, so it’s a balancing act of targetting Jarvan’s spear while still keeping safe and damaging her. When Jarvan locks you in his ultimate, knock down the rocks around you to get to safety.


The first Wisteria boss fight tests your ability to quickly identify what type of magic helps you and use it. There are four mage disciples channeling magic at the top of the boss arena, and they can be used to defeat the variety of Mageseekers that Wisteria fills the area with.

Morgana (Nocturne)

This boss fight may be more of a bullet hell than the first one, but its predecessor still prepares you equally well for the sequel. Again, focus on using the arena’s grapple points to stay safe. While it may imitate the previous Morgana fight, the ending of this part reveals that Sylas’ nightmare and this imitation of Morgana were the work of nightmare demon Nocturne.

Double Giant’s Helm and Silverwing Raptor

While the previous Giant’s Helm fights prepared you for each other, this one is twice as hectic with twice the number of bosses. Another lesson is stealing the arena’s magics and using them against it, this fight requires you to constantly be weighing your options between staying safe and dealing damage.

Right afterwards comes the Sivlerwing Raptor fight, which requires you to first damage the boss enough to dismount then rider. Then, from there, you focus on chipping down the rider to enrage the Silverwing. The boss and its rider will show up again momentarily, so just rinse and repeat the process that got you through the first encounter.

Final Boss: Wisteria

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A once peer of Sylas’, this third clash with Wisteria is the game’s ultimate showdown. Her various stages require different tactics, but one simple truth will get you through, keep moving. Wisteria is meant to punish players who try to attack too often or don’t dash enough, so only take your windows of opportunity when you’re sure you can punish.

That’s the complete list of all the Mageseeker bosses.


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