Andrew Tate

Multiple rape accusations leveled against Andrew Tate

By Olivia Richman


Jan 5, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Controversial red pill podcaster Andrew Tate was recently arrested due to alleged human trafficking, but he is now being accused of rape by multiple women.

Tate was arrested in Romania in December of 2022 following a police raid. The four arrests, including Tate, were part of an ongoing investigation into the abduction of women being used as cam girls against their will. Tate ended up getting arrested due to a Tweet that had a box of pizza from a local chain, giving away his location.

Unfortunately for Tate, this wasn’t the end of the accusations. Now, a Vice report has shed some light on rape allegations against the misogynist content creator. The report states that Tate wasn’t only arrested for potential human trafficking but also for a potential rape case from 2015.

A woman told Vice that she “cried” when Tate was arrested, stating that she’d told the police about him in a previous report. A second woman said that they were happy he was being arrested but “not completely hopeful,” since he’s “walked free” from similar charges in the past.

“I have been very frustrated by the British police and court system for a long time,” said one of his anonymous victims. “They could have stopped him from doing the exact same abuse to these women in Romania.”

Vice to release special report on Andrew Tate rape accusations

Vice is going to go more in-depth into the sexual assault and abuse allegations against Andrew Tate in an upcoming special report airing on January 12. But the news site did post an exclusive clip from the documentary that had one woman detailing her experience with Tate.

The woman, calling herself “Sally,” was approached by Tate for sex work when she was 20. She didn’t want to give her real name due to the harassment she felt she’d face from his fanbase. She said Tate punched her arm “for no reason,” leaving her confused and crying in the bathroom.

“When I came out of the bathroom, he was super, super nice. That night we cuddled. We ended up having sex. I was really, really drunk. Then every single night I would work. As soon as he handed me my money, I soon forgot him hitting me and everything else,” Sally recalled.

Sally said that they soon moved into a bigger apartment and more women began working for him. She started to allegedly witness verbal and physical abuse, which got worse over time. He would call them names, smack women, and would even strangle some of them, including Sally. She also accused Tate of raping a woman.

“When he threatened to beat me up in the bathroom, saying he didn’t give a f— if I called the police, I knew I had to get out of there,” Sally said.

But when she left and went to the police, nothing was done. She said that the other woman also went to the police and Tate was ultimately arrested. But the case was eventually dropped. Vice reached out to the police, who said the case was closed after reviewing all of the evidence and concluding it “did not reach our legal test.”

At this point, Tate appeared on the reality show Big Brother. After hearing about Tate’s previous arrests and the accusations against him, the team behind Big Brother began to look into the matter. They also said he was “closely monitored” until he was removed from the house.

“I think people have this perception that if you tell someone you’ve been raped, that person instantly goes to prison. They don’t realize it’s so, so hard to convict someone of rape,” Sally said.

After her experience with Tate, Sally expressed concern with all of the young men saying Tate is their “idol.” She told them not to be fooled by the money and that real men “don’t lay their hands on women.” Despite ongoing accusations and investigations into Tate for human trafficking and abuse, many men have continued to talk of his innocence and praise him for his behavior.