The top 3 favorite teams to win Dota 2 Lima major

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The favorites for the Lima Major dominated their respective regions, and now they’re gunning for the rest of the planet.

With the first tour of 2023 completed, the Lima Major will mark the first global Dota 2 event since The International 2022. However, gauging the relative strength of Dota 2 teams across the world is no easy task. With the competitive scene once again split up by region, it can be hard to tell which teams are favored to win. However, past matchup data from TI11 and historical regional performance give us enough info to make some educated guesses.

These are the three favorites to win the Dota 2 Lima Major starting February 22, 2023.

Team Liquid is the team to watch in Peru

If you have to bet your life on one team to win at the Lima Major, choose Team Liquid. The new roster has been on fire since the addition of Michał “Nisha” Jankowski from Secret. Liquid swept Europe 7-0 in the tour, making it the undisputed king of the strongest region. Even discounting its newest player, this roster is extremely experienced at the top level and has combined decades of international play experience. 

Nisha’s contributions cannot be understated, with a 9.63 KDA for the season and 721 XPM. The only player who outranks him on those metrics is Michael “miCKe” Vu, who just so happens to be Liquid’s hard carry. From a purely statistical view, this may be the most dominant tour performance in the history of the DPC. There’s always a chance that another team pulls a fast one, but Team Liquid will enter the Lima Major as the chief favorite to win the anticipated event.

BetBoom expected to go far at Lima Major

Eastern Europe is still a powerhouse in Dota 2, and BetBoom is the clear frontrunner in the competitive region. Similar to Liquid, the squad secured a trip to the Lima Major with a 7-0 record at home. The team’s spot was purchased from Mind Games at the start of the tour. However, it definitely proved that it belongs in the upper division with a 14-2 match record.

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Mid-player Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek is the most recognizable player, winning The International 10’s $18.2 million grand prize with Team Spirit. He’s playing a slightly more sacrificial role in the new team, earning the highest assists of any mid at 16.56. Position four Vitalie “Save-” Melnic has a particular affinity for Hoodwink, which boasts a 6-0 record for the season. The squad performed so well in the season that it’s difficult to tell its exact style. What we do know is that the BetBoom will enter the Lima Major as one of the favorites.

Which Chinese teams are Lima Major favorites?

If you haven’t kept up with the Chinese DPC tour, you won’t be surprised to see PSG.LGD taking first place. However, you may be shocked to see new phenom safe laner Guo “shiro” Xuanang and a brand new offlane duo. PSG.LGD massively reshuffled after TI11, with only captain Zhang “y`” Yiping and mid Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang staying. The team dominated the Chinese DPC season, dropping only a single series to the Knights. The squad isn’t expected to be quite as successful as its former roster. But even with the new players, PSG.LGD will pose a major threat.

Team Aster, however, is much easier to recognize. The squad solidified its top-tier status with a dominant 2022 season and finished it with fourth place at The International. Rock star carry player Du “Monet” Peng has toned down on the offbeat picks this late in the patch, but his decisive style is still thrilling to watch. Aster matched LGD in the tour with a 6-1 record, with a tiebreaker costing it the championship. The roster remains the most accomplished Chinese Dota 2 team on the world stage, which makes it a solid pick among other Lima Major favorites.


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