Could the Dota 2 Lima Major be canceled due to unrest?

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 27, 2023

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Some Dota 2 pros are theorizing that the Lima Major may get canceled, putting a big damper on the 2023 DPC.

For now, Valve is set on hosting the first major of the 2023 DPC in the Peruvian capital city of Lima. However, political unrest in the city could result in changes to the $500,000 event. Pro players and journalists have proposed that the event could get canceled, which would likely lead to another anticlimactic round of regional finals at the start of the year. Here’s why the Dota 2 Lima Major could be canceled and what will happen if it does.

Peru has declared a state of emergency in Lima as well as other cities in the country due to widespread protests against the current government. Multiple groups have assembled in support of former president Pedro Castillo, who was ousted in December of 2022. Since then, protests have met with violence, with news outlets estimating at least 50 deaths since the assemblies began. The protests have also resulted in several logistical problems, with roadblocks making travel difficult all over Peru’s capital city.

This has led to at least one pro player theorizing about the event getting canceled. Tundra Esports captain and reigning The International champion Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun posted on social media about the idea, asking fans for the “over and under” on the Lima Major getting canceled.

For now, Valve has not issued any statement regarding the violence in Lima. The arena where the event will be held, named Arena 1, is located in Lima’s southwest corner district of San Miguel. This puts it a good distance away from the president’s House of Pizarro in the north of the city. The distance further decreases the odds of cancellation, but if protests continue to escalate, Dota 2’s developer may put out a statement in early February.

What happens if the Lima Major is canceled?

If Valve decides to cancel the Lima Major, it will likely host another series oof Dota 2 regional finals.

In the unfortunate circumstance that Valve decides to put the kibosh on Lima, the developer already has a proven alternative. At the start of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit, the cancellation of the winter major led to a new regional finals system. The top four teams of each region were invited to a double-elimination bracket with prizes of $100,000 each. It technically brought more money to each region than an international major would and even gave more teams a chance to win it. 

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However, it would also be a major letdown for anyone who planned to attend the event. The Lima Major would have been the first major in South America, and Peru is a major hotspot for Dota 2 on the continent. Tickets for the event are already sold out. 

With current conditions, Valve will most likely go ahead and continue to host the Lima Major. However, its cancellation is always just one blog post away.


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