Kai Cenat

The reason behind Kai Cenat’s Twitch ban may be revealed

By Olivia Richman


Apr 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The reason behind the shocking Twitch ban of Kai Cenat may have been revealed.

Despite being the top streamer on the platform, Kai Cenat was banned from Twitch yesterday, leaving fans completely flabbergasted. Per usual, Twitch didn’t make the reason publicly known, so the streaming community was left speculating about what could have gone down.

A lot of fans believed that Kai Cenat was banned over a dangerous motorcycle stunt during a livestream. But was it actually the motorcycle crash that sent Twitch over the edge?

The real reason behind the Kai Cenat Twitch ban

Kai Cenat has not been completely innocent when it comes to his Twitch activities. During his record-breaking subathon, Kai Cenat featured permanently banned content creators, had taken part in possibly sexual acts, and had some controversial conversations. Through it all, Twitch didn’t seem to bat an eye, and fans speculated it was because Kai Cenat was a money maker for the platform.

So what finally led Twitch to issue Kai Cenat a ban?

A source close to Dexerto has revealed the possible reason behind Kai Cenat’s ban. And it appears to be something he did while playing Grand Theft Auto. According to the source, Cenat was banned for “repeated explicit simulated sexual activity in GTA.”

The source told Dexerto that it’s a temporary ban, but it’s currently unclear how long it will last.

Meanwhile, Kai Cenat has been eyeing Kick, a Twitch competitor that is known for its lax rules and regulations. This could be a safer platform for someone like Kai Cenat who continues to break Twitch’s guidelines, as he’d be less likely to serve out a ban.

But would Kick be able to offer Kai Cenat enough money to make the switch after the ban? The platform does offer a 95/5 sub split, but the number of subscriptions on Kick would likely be significantly less than Twitch at the moment.