Kai Cenat

Fans anticipating Kick switch after Twitch bans Kai Cenat

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch has banned its most subscribed streamer Kai Cenat amid a Kick-induced hiatus over at the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Kai Cenat is easily one of the quickest-growing streamers on Twitch. The Just Chatting personality sped his way to nab the Streamer of the Year award after a subathon that earned him the most followers on Twitch. In February, Kai Cenat broke Ludwig and Tyler “Ninja” Blevin’s record, becoming the uncrowned king of Twitch.

But, Twitch apparently doesn’t care about titles.

In shocking news, the popular streaming site has banned its biggest streamer — and nobody knows why. But people have valid guesses. According to fans, this could be a slap on the wrist for pulling a dangerous bike stunt on a livestream. Kai Cenat had earlier crashed his motorbike in his computer setup, going against Twitch’s self-harm and danger-related guidelines.

But these are all guesses.

Kai Cenat himself hasn’t revealed much besides a cryptic “banned” tweet. But, the ban would likely be short-lived, considering Kai Cenat’s popularity and also that his previous ban in January was lifted quickly as well. However, fans are still not happy with Twitch after the platform bans Adin Ross, iShowspeed, and now Kai Cenat.

Is Kai Cenat switching to Kick?

Kai Cenat

If Kai Cenat’s ban lasts more than a few days, it won’t be surprising if he switches over to Kick. This isn’t his first ban either, so he might as well make the move. Many popular and controversial Twitch streamers, including Trainwreck, Adin Ross, Buddha, and more, have made the switch recently.

The ban comes amid rumors of Kick trying to poach Twitch’s biggest streamer Kai Cenat. Earlier, the green banner sent him a pair of shoes, mocking something Twitch did in March. After hitting most subs count on Twitch, Kai Cenat was expecting a hefty contract from Twitch, but instead, he received a pair of purple shoes, which fans labeled as “Justin Bieber a— shoes.”

“Congratulations Kai on your huge accomplishment. We are so proud of you, Laura, Anna, and all of your friends at Twitch,” the note from Twitch read.

Now, it remains to be seen if Kai Cenat gets swayed by Kick’s tactics. He clearly liked Kick’s Nike shoes more than the pair that Twitch sent. But, in Kai Cenat’s words, Kick “hasn’t even signed him yet.”