The Prestige skin change means less rewards for fans

By Nicholas James


Jan 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

After already changing event rewards twice, the upcoming Prestige skin change looks to mean even less rewards for fans.

Riot announced an upcoming change to the Prestige and Mythic skin tiers last year, with Gemstones becoming Mythic Essence and a yearly rotating Mythic Store. However, the specifics have been announced and it looks like fans are getting even fewer rewards than they would now.

Why is Riot making the Prestige skin change worse?

Riot’s stated goals in overhauling Prestige and Mythic skins was that Hextech and similar offerings weren’t hitting the mark as an aspirational luxury cosmetic for fans to build up to over the course of years.

Right now, the selection of champions combined with the aesthetic means that fewer fans are trying to get Mythic skins than Riot would now. By consolidating Prestige and Mythic skins into the same currency, Riot said it was hoping to give fans more choice in what sort of keystone skins they add to their collection.

However, when Ken Adams, a product lead on events, loot, and skins announced the specifics of the changes, fans were taken aback.

The new Event Pass currency for Prestige and Mythic skins was announced to be giving even less than its current-day incarnation. Right now Event Passes grant two Gemstones as well as 25 Prestige Points, each of which can be saved up to purchase a Mythic or Prestige skin.

The new pass is slated to give 25 Mythic Essence, but the current passes give way more value, at approximately 45 Mythic Essence value. In addition to this, the price of Mythic and Prestige skins is going up to the equivalent of just under 13 Gemstones.

Fans were quick to voice their displeasure with the changes and it looks like Riot might listen. Ken Adams acknowledged fans’ complaints and said he would bring their worries to the loot and skins team.


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