Wordle Valorant

The new Wordle for Valorant is challenging and informative

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Do you know Valorant to the core? A new game called Valorant Wordle puts your game knowledge to the test. 

Valorant is easily one of the fastest-growing first-person shooter games in 2022. Riot Games’ FPS experiment was released only a year ago, and it is already giving classic titles a run for their money. A thriving player base and regular updates are keeping Valorant on the top. The addictive shooter keeps players hooked for hours, so it’s no surprise they claim to know the maps, lore, and mechanics inside and out.

What is Valorant Wordle?

A Valorant player, lalexvk has brought a new Valorant challenge to all the dedicated players in the form of a Wordle. The programmer has put together a guessing game that only includes words related to Riot’s FPS. 

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All video games have their own jargon that only regular players understand. The terminology may include weapon names, alternate names for maps, callouts, agents, and more. Valorant has a massive arsenal of more than 17 weapons, seven maps, and dozens of different callouts. So this Wordle Valorant game is no picnic to play. 

How to play Wordle Valorant

Lalexvk’s Worldle Valorant is similar to the original version of Wordle, except it includes only terms from Riot’s FPS.

The top row has five empty tiles, meaning every world is five letters long. Spell a Valoranted-related word. When you guess a word, the letter tiles will change color to green, yellow, or grey. Aim for green to get the correct letter in the right position. 

It should be easier for regular players to guess the words as the game only includes community-made callouts, weapon names, and similar terminology. Each day the word would change, challenging Valorant players to prove their fandom. 

While this game would be a challenge for loyal players, it’s also an interesting learning exercise for new players. Even if you lose the game, you’d learn new jargon, ultimately helping you bolster your in-game communication. 

What does Elbow mean in Valorant? 

Elbow is a callout from Bind’s B site, but it can also be used on other Valorant maps. Any area shaped like an L or a curved pipe is called Elbow. For example, the alley connecting A screens and site, Area between B link and Generator on Fracture.