The League of Legends ranked season just ended a day early

Nicholas James • November 14, 2022 7:29 pm

A bug has struck the North American servers for League of Legends, ending the Season 12 ranked season almost 20 hours ahead of schedule.

The League of Legends ranked season was meant to end at the very end of the day on November 14, 2022. However, the North American ranked servers went down early in the morning, preventing players from getting their last chance to rank up.

LoL Ranked servers crash in North America

The end of every ranked season in League of Legends is famously chaotic, with thousands of players trying desperately to reach their ranked goal for the season. The most common threshold that players are trying to reach come the end of the season is Gold, which unlocks the annual Victorious skin to any players who reached Gold or higher in the ranked season.

However, players trying to reach Gold on the morning of November 14, 2022 were met with a horrifying surprise. The client showed that the ranked servers had already gone down. This accidental outage immediately caused players to become worried, having made specific plans for the day in order to grind for their rank of choice.

Highly-ranked player Rime found themself unable to queue up for games and had one of their matches swallowed up by the crashing servers. Riot Games was quick to address the issue and as of the early afternoon, and ranked games have since returned to North America. It’s unclear whether there will be any extension of the ranked season window, but for now, it seems like fans will have to accept that they lost a significant stretch of playtime that could have made the difference in their climb to peak rank.

This isn’t the first time Riot Games has had server issues around the end of the season, but this time the studio managed to rectify whatever was going on in record time.

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