Best esports betting sites

These are the 4 best online esports betting sites in 2022

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Esports fans looking for the best betting sites are flush with options, but these four stand out for their excellent features and great sportsbooks.

Competitive video games are flooding into online sportsbooks faster than ever. Esports represents a new audience with a taste for new tech, informed odds, and interesting props. Many existing sportsbooks have jumped on the bandwagon, but some independent sites have built themselves entirely around esports. With so many choices to pick from, it can be hard to find the best betting site for you in 2022. Here are four sites that we recommend based on their technology, sportsbooks, and features. is a betting site designed for gamers is another hybrid betting site with an emphasis on esports. The site takes a gamified approach to esports betting with constant new bonuses for placing different types of bets. The site goes all-out on promoting big events like CSGO majors and LoL Worlds, making it a great site for esports-minded players who love tuning in to the biggest tournaments.’s biggest draw is its extensive options for live esports betting. In-game wagers are a frequent demand in esports due to the fast nature of the games, and this site prides itself on extensive live props. The site further differentiates itself by offering more niche games like Wild Rift, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Mobile Legends.

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Stake pairs esports betting with a massive digital casino

Many esports fans are also lifelong traditional sports fans, and those who bet on one often bet on the other. For this special market, Stake boasts one of the best sportsbooks of any esports betting sites in 2022 with extensive lines for both traditional sports and video games. While the esports side of the site focuses on the larger titles, it offers extensive options for each one. CSGO fans, for example, can get Stake lines on everything from majors to regional ESEA leagues.

In addition to its wide pool of match betting options, Stake also offers an extensive digital casino featuring table games and slots. The casino includes several exclusive and proprietary games, and it even features live game shows that bettors can participate in. Stake is one of the best esports betting sites for gaming fans that like to keep their casino options open.

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Betway is one of the best esports betting sites

Anyone familiar with traditional sports betting is likely already familiar with Betway. The frequent sponsor has committed to esports with an extensive sportsbook covering all major esports. However, Betway differentiates itself with extensive coverage of less popular games. Overwatch, Valorant, and Rocket League all get plenty of attention from the bookies.

That’s especially good news for esports fans because Betway also has a long list of props for esports betting. Live betting is also an option, as is the website’s extensive casino and traditional sports options. All things considered, Betway is a great option for experienced bettors who prize variety above all else.

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Luckbox combines niche titles with attractive bonuses

Luckbox is a hybrid betting site with a big focus on esports. It prides itself on its technology with great viewing options and lightning-fast odds tabulation. Its list of supported games includes several less popular esports titles like Hearthstone and StarCraft in addition to the holy trinity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2. The sportsbook also offers lines for several major sports and hosts a digital casino.

Luckbox also offers a simple and straightforward deposit bonus suited for first-time esports bettors. All deposits can be doubled with a limit of $100 deposit. The fast odds and wide sportsbooks make Luckbox an ideal site for a newbie esports bettor with some interest in traditional sports betting.

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