MultiVersus Joker reveal

The Joker revealed as new MultiVersus fighter ahead of relaunch

By Olivia Richman


May 9, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Batman’s biggest rival, the Joker, has infiltrated MultiVersus.

WB’s MultiVersus is a Super Smash Bros-like platform fighter that features a wide range of characters across Warner Bros’ movies, TV shows, and other properties. Seeing Bugs Bunny, Rick & Morty, and the Iron Giant duke it out on the same stage is most definitely exciting for fighting fans.

And now it looks like more characters are joining the roster ahead of the game’s relaunch.

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The Joker joins the MultiVersus roster

On May 7, the MultiVersus Discord community had 22 hours to solve riddles in an attempt to open a mystery box. Gamers hungrily fed possible answers to the riddles until the box was finally opened, allowing the Joker to escape.

The Joker appears to be a Mage-class fighter, equipped with classic weapons like a crowbar and rocket launcher. He also has a set of playing cards that work as projectiles, a further nod to the classic DC villain.

The Joker will be voiced by Mark Hamill, giving fans chills at the idea of him voicing the Joker alongside Kevin Conroy’s Batman. MultVersus is one of the last places you can hear his voice since the popular voice actor passed away in 2022.

Said one fan: “One last get together of the two GOATS, Kevin and Mark.”

While fans are quite excited by the reveal, nobody is shocked. Leakers have been hinting at Joker’s arrival for quite some time, all the way back to the game’s Closed Beta.

The Joker is the first new character coming to MultiVersus’ roster for the game’s relaunch on May 28. There is most likely more characters to come, however, as game director Tony Huynh said his arrival is “just the beginning.” This could happen before or after the game comes out.