Leaked Deadlock screenshots reveal Grey Talon as playable hero

By Fariha Bhatti


May 17, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The Gabe Follower report has opened a floodgate of leaks regarding Valve’s upcoming competitive shooter, Deadlock. We may actually know how one of the heroes in the game looks now.

On May 16, Deadlock was leaked as Valve’s hero shooter inspired by Dota 2. The gaming community was shocked by the leak, as Valve was unexpectedly working on another major project despite the need for updates on current ones. Initial reaction was mixed, but now players are warming up to the idea of a Valorant-Overwatch cross by Valve. 

A day after the initial report, in-game screenshots have leaked. Since the game is still in the early stages of development, the visuals and designs are not the most advanced.

Who is Grey Talon in Deadlock? 

Grey Talon is the first hero leaked in Valve’s Deadlock game, a third-person shooter that has undertones of existing hero shooters. The game will have hero-specific abilities and map gimmicks, as well as additional features like tower defense mechanics.

Leakers have dug out in-game screenshots of Grey Talons, one of the aim-heavy heroes supposedly in the game. According to his description, Grey Talon is a long-range shooter who excels at placing down traps and bringing down the toughest opponents with his deadly accuracy. With a beefy build, Grey Talon has silver hair and he can be seen carrying a burly bow and arrow.

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Other screenshots include in-game UI and headshots of heroes, but the visuals aren’t clear enough to decipher their abilities. One agent, clad in fiery red, shares visual similarities with Apex Legend’s Seer. The purple one in a robe will remind some of Valorant’s Omen. However, it’s easy to see that the fantastical design of the agents was inspired by Dota. 

Deadlock map design and UI

The UI, however, looks clean. Similar to Dota, hero icons are placed at the top of the screen, and abilities are at the bottom. There’s also a radar on the bottom right of the screen. As mentioned in the initial leak, the greyish map appears massive, connecting one corner to another with four transit lines. 

This is also quite similar to Valorant’s ziplines, but Deadlock’s map is clearly larger. Heroes on each side may be able to use these transit lines to enter each other’s territories.

More about the gameplay is unknown, but Deadlock seems to include Valorant-style orbs that heroes can pick up, likely to fill up their ability bars. 

Since the game is still in development, these screenshots should be taken with a grain of salt. A lot could change by the time Valve officially announces Deadlock.