The five best cosplays from former LoL pro Sneaky

By Olivia Richman


Jul 14, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is a League of Legends veteran who has won two LCS championship titles, a Rift Rivals event, and an IEM trophy. He also had multiple top-eight finishes at Riot Games’ World Championship events. But even though Sneaky’s time at Cloud9 made him popular as a player, it was his cosplays that have made him famous beyond the esports world. 

Here’s a look at some of Sneaky’s most iconic cosplays, from the surprisingly sexy to the astoundingly accurate. 

Pizza Delivery Sivir

Best Sneaky cosplay

This list wouldn’t be complete — or even possible — without Sneaky’s Pizza Delivery Sivir cosplay from 2018.

Cloud9’s former ADC was bound to dress up as one of the best AD carry champions in the game. But nobody expected it to be this steamy. Complete with a box of pizza, this was one of Sneaky’s earliest cosplay attempts.

What started out as dressing up on stream eventually became more than just a casual hobby for the League of Legends veteran, as more and more people took notice. With the Pizza Delivery Sivir cosplay, Sneaky also created an Instagram for his followers to gawk at more photos of his gender-bending creations. 

Xayah at 2018 LoL All-Stars

Sneaky All Star

Sneaky and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik had agreed to come out on stage wearing matching Xayah cosplays if both of them were voted into the 2018 All-Stars event. Since this was around the time that Sneaky’s cosplay was getting more attention, it’s no surprise that fans were dying to see him come out on stage with a new look. It became one of the most talked-about moments of the event, cementing Sneaky’s popularity as a cosplayer in the League of Legends community. 

Star Guardian Soraka 

This was Sneaky’s fourth big cosplay. The attention to detail set it apart from his previous cosplay efforts, raising the bar for his future outfits and setting new standards for his work. 

Since his cosplays started to take a bit more time and effort, Sneaky decided to start a Patreon to fund his future cosplaying endeavors. For just $2 a month, fans were given extra photos to oggle at. In return, Sneaky could spend more money on props, wigs, and sexy outfits. And he didn’t disappoint. 

K/DA Kai’Sa

Sneaky best cosplay

When the fictional K-pop group K/DA performed their song “Pop/Stars” on the 2018 World Championship stage, it became almost a no-brainer that Sneaky would show off his own spin on the iconic League of Legends champions’ look. He chose Kai’Sa and posed with his girlfriend and makeup artist, Esther Lynn, who dressed up as K/DA Ahri for the steamy photoshoot. 

At this point, Sneaky was making around $30,000 a year through his Patreon, which allowed fans to pay a monthly subscription to see exclusive photographs of his most recent Leauge of Legends-inspired cosplays. For a little more money each month, fans could even get signed and customized polaroids of his sexy looks. 

Lingerie Snacky

As the demand for sexy Sneaky cosplays continued to grow, Sneaky seemed to become more confident in his looks. His cosplays changed from mostly League of Legends-inspired to just plain old “hot,” as former team Cloud9 would say. 

This look, called Lingerie Snacky, got a lot of attention due to the sultry and strappy underwear set included. The pink wig only made it all the more stunning. It’s no surprise that his Patreon grew to over 1,500 subscribers, setting his annual income from cosplaying alone at over $36,000 per year. 

He has continued to create these sexy looks due to their popularity among League of Legends fans. His most recent one, “Snacky and the Thighs,” was especially appealing to his fanbase. 

Best Sneaky cosplay