The best Valorant player in the world is 14 years old

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A 14-year-old Valorant player has proved that age is just a number by claiming the top spot on the Radiant leaderboard. 

Valorant’s rank ladder is no picnic. Climbing from one rank to another has become even more challenging in Episode 6, but skilled players won’t feel a difference. However, things get interesting in Immortal and Radiant, where rank isn’t enough. Instead, the best players in the world compete for the top spot by acquiring the highest Rank Rating (RR). 

You may think the best player in the world would be some professional player or experienced rank demon. But a 14-year-old boy sits on the throne with 1017 RR. 

A 14-year-old kid hits Radiant #1 in Valorant

Darxcio is a young Valorant player who first hit Radiant when he was just 11 years old. But he didn’t stop there. The young prodigy has now edged past some of the best players in the world, becoming the top Radiant. 

Claiming the top spot in the Radiant leaderboard is not a small deal. With RR set by talented players, it can be tricky to keep up. It’s not like your regular rank-up because the system doesn’t tally your ELO at Radiant. Instead, you directly compete against the best players. The pressure and stakes are high at Radiant but Darxcio managed to beat the likes of Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto and more. 

Darxcio is repping +1000 RR with 100 wins and a KAD Ratio of 1.33. To get on top of the board, he used agents with damage-dealing kits like Raze, Jett, and Killjoy. It’s safe to say that Darxcio is a rare talent who has a bright future in competitive Valorant. However, it’s unlikely any team can sign him at such a young age — but he indeed has many eyes set on him. 

Darxcio has also gained Valorant’s attention. The official Valorant handle acknowledged his achievement on Twitter, which surprised the community. Darxcio has now become a notable name in the Valorant community, so it won’t be too difficult for him to try for the best teams in a few years if he keeps up his game. 

How does Valorant RR work? 

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Players often complain about scoring low RR upon losing and less on winning games. This isn’t a bug. The RR system of Valorant is well-balanced and can sometimes act up depending on player performance. In a recent post, senior competitive designer EvrMoar simplified the RR process that may cause low point gain. 

According to the developer, point gain and loss depends on four things: 

  • Winning or losing 
  • Round difference
  • Individual performance
  • Performance compared to MMR average