Valorant agents on Sunset

The best Valorant agents to play on Sunset

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 31, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Sunset is the latest map in Valorant, with two simple sites split by an elaborate mid area. Here are the best Valorant agents who excel at tackling Sunset’s layout. 

Sunset is starkly different from the recent maps Riot has added to the Valorant playlist. It’s smaller, cozier, and has dozens of choke points. Layout-wise, Sunset has more in common with older Valorant maps. 

Top 5 Valorant agents on Sunset

If you’re intimidated by Sunset’s complex mid, fret not. We have a list of top agents who may help you breeze through the La La Land. 

These are the best Valorant agents to run on Sunset.

  • Killjoy
  • Breach 
  • Omen 
  • Raze 
  • Skye


Killjoy Valorant

Sunset is the home turf for sentinels who excel at locking the back lines. Thanks to the map’s uber-confusing mid-area, enemies would have many ways to attack you quietly. That’s where Killjoy comes in. 

Her Turret and Alarmbot would detect any movement across the map. Sunset isn’t a large map, so Killjoy’s utility would truly shine even if the agent is on one side and her bots are in the middle. 


Breach Valorant

The bionic beast would be crucial against enemies who like to camp and slow down the match’s pace. Sunset has many hiding spots, meaning you must either push the enemies behind the cover or draw them. The former option is too risky, and the latter is impossible without an initiator like Breach. 

His utility, especially Aftershock, will force enemies out of choke points, rendering them vulnerable. Due to Sunset’s reasonable size, Breach’s ultimate would also come in handy in all scenarios.


Omen Valorant
Players can finally break away from the double smoker meta that has been running in Valorant for some time now. In Sunset, one global smoker like Omen or Astra would do the job. 

Omen is our top pick for his global smokes and teleport ability. Due to plenty of close angles, his teleports would help confuse the enemy and pull off insane tricks. Flashes would be equally helpful in tackling close-range fights when enemies are vulnerable and blinded. 


Raze Valorant

Raze is easily one of the best duelists to run on Sunset. Since the map is crammed with tight angles and encloses walls, a single nade would substantially damage multiple enemies at once. Her car is equally valuable as it works similarly to Breach’s Aftershocks. Enemies would think twice before holding a predictable close angle if you have Raze on your side. 

Raze’s ultimate is a hit or miss on larger maps, but on Sunset, it’d almost always deal some sort of damage and even damage wipe out enemies. The show stopper works best in congested areas, something that’s plenty on Sunset.


Skye Valorant

There’s no such thing as too many flashes when playing Sunset. If you truly trust your teammate not to team flash, you may even pick Breach and Skye in a single comp. Skye’s flashes are ideal, though, since she can guide them across sharp turns and blindside enemies safely. This makes her a vital pick on Sunset.