Best Valorant agents for beginners

The best Valorant agents for beginners and new Valorant players

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 8, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant is a fast-paced game that can be tough to catch up with for beginners and new Valorant players. Picking the right agents can help you get up to speed more quickly. 

Riot Games has rolled out 18 agents over the course of the game’s brief history, crowding the protocol with complex abilities and backstories. Those players who jumped on the Valorant bandwagon already know the roster like the back of their hand. But the game’s growing popularity is roping in new players who may find it confusing. 

Valorant’s extended roster may be complex, but new players don’t have to learn it all themselves in order to find success in ranked play. Coaching services such as Metafy can help you to learn the best agents to use and how to manager their kits in a short time. While the below agents are easy to use for new players, you can always play them at a higher level by learning advanced more advanced tactics through coaching. Without further ado, these are the best Valorant agents for beginners. and new Valorant players.

Top Valorant agents for beginners

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Not all Valorant agents have a steep learning curve. Most agents have relatively simple toolkits that can get the job done. If you are a new Valorant player or an FPS beginner, these are the best Valorant agents for you. 

Reyna (Duelist)

Almost every duelists require good aim in order to be properly mastered. Reyna’s kit is very straightforward. The duelists carry flashes, a healing ability, and the power to escape risky situations. With her ultimate, Reyna dramatically increases her firing, equip, and reload speed. Easy to use and efficient, Reyna is ideal for beginners who are looking to rank up quickly.

Sage (Sentinel)

Healers are a crucial part of any team composition since it’s such a rare power in Valorant. Sage’s kit is easy to learn, making her the number-one pick for newbies. The Sentinel comes with a wall, a slow orb, and an influential healing tank.

As Sage, new players can still play a crucial role in reviving and healing teammates while still working on their aim. So long as you’re providing healing to your team, you’re making an impact.

Killjoy (Sentinel)

If you aim to do more damage and be an active part of the team’s firepower, you might opt for Killjoy. The happy-go-lucky agent is equipped with a robot that detects enemies and deals heavy damage to them. If your aim is still rough, her robot can bag you multiple assists by the end of the game, bolstering your points.

Her Nano Swarms are simple to use and can be game-changing on the defender’s side. The agent can lock down an entire site using her ultimate without learning any complex lineups. 

Kay/O (Initiator) 

Thanks to his long-lasting flashes and intel-gathering dagger, the Terminator is a viable pick across all ranks. New players can efficiently work around Kay/O’s throwable abilities that don’t require a lot of aim to manage. The agent’s ultimate provides him a second chance at defeating enemies as his teammates can stabilized his core. 

5- Brimstone (Controller)

Almost all Controllers in Valorant require a heavy learning curve, but not Brimstone. This old-school Controller performs all of his tasks by pressing a few buttons on his custom minimap. New players don’t have to lineup smokes and molotovs to use them here. Brimstone’s radar lets him pin exact locations for smokes and his ultimate ability, blocking the enemy’s line of sight. 

If you’re a beginner and want to learn these agents, check out Metafy and find the best coach for you. There’s no quicker way to improve and rank up in Valorant.

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