Best agents to play on Split

Valorant agent tier list in Episode 4 Act 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 31, 2022

Reading time: 5 min

The new Valorant act is going in full force with impactful agent changes that have stirred the meta. This agent tier list in Episode 4 Act 2 should help you climb ranks faster.

Riot Games’ shooter has evolved into a cutthroat game that has players spending hours in practice servers to get better. Even with good aim, some players still struggle to gain Rank Rating. The race to climb the ladder is difficult, but can be made easier by picking the best agents. The ability to effectively use a character’s abilities is just as important as being able to hit a sick flick.

And it’s important to remember that not all agents are created equal. Here’s a quick peek at the tiers the Valorant agents currently belong in patch 2.08:

  • Top-tier agents: Chamber, Jett, Sova, Omen
  • Viable options: Yoru, Killjoy, Reyna, Neon, Skye
  • Situational choices: Viper, Raze, Cypher, Kay/O, Sage
  • Not the best: Brimstone, Breach, Astra, Phoenix

S-Tier agents in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2

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The stylish Sentinel is the best shooter you could have on your squad. Chamber has faith in his aim, coming with his own custom arsenal and an ability to locomote. His power kit helps replicate Jett-like plays that have become a hit in Valorant. Paired with the likes of Sova or Skye, Chamber becomes a force to be reckoned with. 


Jett remains a top-tier agent a whole year after her release. Meta chiseling has failed to ruffle her playtime in Valorant. The wind-ranger is heavily picked for her mobility tactic, allowing map control and aggression. In patch 4.05, Jett is a must-have duelist on almost all agent compositions. Thanks to her versatility, the agent swindles enemies on all sorts of map layouts. 


Sova has become a familiar face in high ELO for a steep learning curve and difficulty level. However, learning his lineups and complex setups pays off well. The intel-gatherer exposes enemies and tenderizes them for the duelists. Sova is a post-plant beast as his ultimate Hunter’s Fury leaves no trace of anyone lurking around the Spike. 


Constant nerfs had briefly snatched Omen of his top spot on the pick rate, but the shadowy figure is back in the picture. Riot Games recently lubricated Omen’s kit to make him teleport quicker and throw his flashes smoothly, making the agent one of the most viable controllers on the roster. 

A-Tier agents in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2

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Since his massive rework, the Japanese master of deception has laddered up from the lowest tier. Yoru’s identical decoy has proven to be a success in ranked lobbies. Even high-skilled players struggle to distinguish between a deadly flasher bait and Yoru’s real player model. Yoru becomes invincible when paired with another duelist like Raze, who’s more heavy on the firepower. 


The happy-go-lucky Sentinel is a must-have on almost all maps. No one secures the backlines like Killjoy and high-ranked players love her deadly turret on defense since the stubborn robot can be tricky to take down. Coupled with Sage or Astra, Killjoy’s utility can do maximum damage and even take down a player or two. 


Ranked Valorant is quite different from the professional games. It’s fast-paced, no-nonsense, and highly competitive. Reyna fits perfectly well in this competitive-style Valorant due to her simple kit that racks up kills. The self-sufficient Radiant can escalate the rank-up journey. 


Valorant has very few healers and Skye is tops the list. The wild agent is equipped with some of the most viable abilities in Valorant. Her flashes aren’t her selling point, but long-lasting blinds and a sizable healing tank sure help gain an edge. 


Don’t let Neon’s lean build trick you into thinking she’s less deadly than the other top duelists. The youngest gun on the roster is actually a menace on the field. Neon brings an apt competition for Jett with her dive and supersonic speed that outpaces enemies. The electrifying agent works well in a supportive team. 

B-Tier in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2

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The decrease in Snakebite’s duration and boosted cooldown has kicked Viper from top tier to B. The recent patch 4.04 has heavily impacted her viability on maps other than Icebox and Breeze. However, her wall and smoke remain uniquely helpful. 


Raze’s kit was always expensive enough to make players reluctant to pick her. Those who don’t excel at satchel picked Raze for her Boombot and nades, but better alternatives are present at a higher rank. While she’s not a bad agent, Raze isn’t precisely a duelists’ dream come true. 


The information-broker Cypher is equipped with a viable kit but it’s not precisely at par with other agents in Valorant. Most importantly, his gear forces players to go for a passive playstyle, which competitive players don’t like. 


The terminator of Valorant is still finding his footing in the protocol. Some players have mastered his gear, while others are still struggling to work with his trailblazing knife. Kay/O is a good pick in ranked games, but players can always go for a better Initiator. 


Sage is the sole revivor in Valorant, so players always turn to her to make the perfect agent composition. The pack leader also carries an ample healing tank, which can prove viable in fast-paced games in Valorant. However, Sage doesn’t bring anything unique to the table other than her resurrection. 

C-Tier in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2

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Heavy lifter Breach shakes up the ground with his ultimate. Unfortunately, however, his kit doesn’t have much impact on the game. Low-ranked players often pick him for the flashes, but he’s rarely helpful in competitive settings.


Astra enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame before being heavily nerfed by the developer in patch 4.04. The controller used to be the top pick of skilled players, but that’s no longer the case. The likes of Omen and Neon have replaced her with better smokes and stun. 


Project A was likely the only time when players preferred Pheonix over other duelists in Valorant. As Riot Games rolled out new characters, Pheonix stopped fitting into the Valorant meta. In patch 4.05, Pheonix’s kit appears good on paper but he may fail to keep up with the other agents. 


Recent buffs to Brimstone’s kit pushed him back into the spotlight, but Riot quickly reverted those changes. The agent is no longer the star controller after Riot took away one of his Stim Beacons.