The best Dota 2 supports for grinding MMR in 7.31d

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The best supports of Dota 2 7.31d can grind out MMR no matter what cores you’re supporting.

Patch 7.31d is meant to tide over Dota 2 players until a bigger update comes after the Arlington Major. Hopefully. That means that the current meta isn’t due for a shift until near the end of the summer.

A stable metagame is always the best time to earn MMR since learning a new hero has time to pay off and there are fewer surprises on the enemy team. These Dota 2 support heroes are the best for gaining MMR based on performance in high-level player pubs and statistical analysis.

The best supports for grinding ranked in Dota 2 7.31d

Patch 7.31d favors two kinds of supports. There are heroes that can threaten objectives and then there are those that can completely turn the tide of a teamfight. No other hero represents those traits better than Chen, who currently sports a 57.7% win rate in pro-level pubs.

Dark Troll Summoner is always incredible for taking towers early and six or nine skeletons can quickly overwhelm a set of barracks. Support players with good micro can’t pick a better support hero in 7.31d and even those who aren’t good at this can look to the hero for his healing and crowd control options.

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If you prefer a more standard play style, Shadow Shaman is an excellent alternative with a 51.77% win rate across all skill brackets. Serpent Wards can’t quite solo Roshan the way they used to, but Shackles and Hex are still two of the best disables in the game.

For playmakers, position-four Dawnbreaker is the breakout pick of this patch with 53.81%. Solar Guardian got 10 seconds cut off its cooldown at level three. It was already one of the best ganking spells in the game, so getting it more often means more impact in later fights. The buff to Luminosity’s crit certainly helps as well. She still holds up in the highest skill bracket, winning 53.4% of games according to Dota 2 Pro Tracker.

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For soft supports that prefer offense, Shadow Demon is quickly climbing the ranks. Disruption sets up many other spells, but the real draw is his new Aghanim’s upgrades. Disruption into Demonic Cleanse is a lifesaver for poorly positioned cores. If the enemy laners don’t know how Shadow Poison works, consider the lane won. His excellent defensive and offensive toolkit makes Shadow Demon popular in pro-level matches, where he wins 51.9% of games played.

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Lastly, Warlock’s early healing was massively buffed in the most recent patch. Sharing salves isn’t worth it most of the time, but Shadow Word is one of the most efficient healing spells in the game.

Fatal Bonds also opens up a ton of new teamfight strategies. Area-of-effect specialists like Leshrac and Earthshaker love seeing a Warlock in their games. His main issue is the long cooldown between Demonic Offerings, but his Aghanim’s Shard Shadow Word gives him something to do in the meantime.