The 5 best gaming TikTok profiles to look up right now

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

TikTok has been blowing up the last few years, becoming the top social media destination for gen Z and millennials looking for short. There are also a number of great gaming personalities and profiles that are worth checking out on TikTok, with these being some of the best.

If you’re looking for gaming-related content, you’d best believe TikTok has an abundance of profiles to check out. It’s not just streamers and YouTubers putting clips on TikTok either, with a number of dedicated personalities on the platform. Here are the best gaming profiles on TikTok.

Best gaming profiles on TikTok to binge right now

Want a good laugh? Want to learn more about tech? There’s soemthing for every kind of gamer on TikTok. Here are some to check out right now.

5. Among Us (@Amongus)

Among Us may not be as popular as it was in 2020 but the meme game is still alive. The TikToks are especially hilarious, usually using the iconic sounds and music from the game to accompany random “amogus” style jokes. This is definitely an account to check out if you want to binge goofy and ironic videos aimed at gamers.

4. Evelyn (@Evuhlunnn)

If you like Minecraft, this TikTok account is perfect for you. The 19-year-old content creator makes short skits based on common gaming tropes and situations, usually related to her experience in Minecraft. You’ll often catch her wearing a goofy Minecraft costume while creatively making popular TikTok audio clips related to Minecraft.

3. Leslee (@Famous_Streamer)

Leslee is a game developer who makes TikToks about the gaming industry, offering some funny insight into what it takes to make a game. While many of her skits are completely silly, she sometimes shines a light on serious issues in the gaming industry like sexism and the low salaries offered at top video game studios.

2. Komazawa Isolation (@Kmzwisolation)

This is probably one of the most entertaining TikTok accounts for gamers. These content creators recreate video game scenarios in real life. They will add graphics and sound effects that make it truly look like they are inside an RPG even if they’re running through the city or a friend’s house. They also move like video game characters, almost in an uncanny fashion. If you’re a fan of RPGs, this account will hit home for you. Just be warned: You’ll soon start seeing everyday life as a video game too!

1. Spudd’s Tech (@gamingspudd)

Looking for battle station inspiration? Want to upgrade your PC? This is definitely the account for you. This informational TikTok account has a lot of insight into setups and electronics and is quite motivational and positive. Seeing his setup evolve with vibrant lighting and creative designs is a lot of fun and can be a bit mesmerizing.