TFT Patch 13.1B best teams tier list

By Nicholas James


Feb 4, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack has begun to hit its stride on the live servers, here’s a TFT Patch 13.1B tier list.

Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack has introduced new systems, champions, and compositions to Riot Games’ Runeterra-themed auto battler. After some delays caused by a social engineering attack, Patch 13.1B is the latest change to the balance of the Convergence. It brings with it new priorities and possibilities when it comes to trying to win your lobbies of Teamfight Tactics.

If you’re looking for some quick suggestions for what to play, here are some of the best compositions and some that can still compete. This isn’t an exhaustive list, just examples of teams that are consistently working out this patch.

TFT Patch 13.1B Tier List

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S-tier teams

Laser Corps Pranksters

Team: Mordekaiser, Zed, Sejuani, Senna, Yasuo, Renekton, Ekko, Zoe

This team relies on Zed as its main carry, using Hacker to deliver him to the back line to start building up his Guinsoo’s Rageblade and taking down enemy carries. Laser Corps 6 drones can turn Zed into a team-shredding monster, so use Hacker’s Omnivamp and free mobility to set Zed up for success.


Team: Kai’Sa, Vayne, Ezreal, Ashe, Cho’Gath, Rammus, Zac, Urgot

This composition is exactly what it says on the tin, looking to play Recon carries with Kai’Sa as its main threat and actual Threats as its frontline. Recons provide free critical strike and Kai’Sa is one of the few multiplicitavely-scaling carries in the set with Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Pair this with an Omnivamp of some kind and a Statikk Shiv to shred through enemies. Since Threats don’t need additional traits to be reliable, so the tanky Threats work great to protect the squishy Recon units.

A-tier teams

Mech Supers

Team: Draven (Mecha Prime), Sett, Wukong, Leona, Jax, Malphite, Lee Sin, Gangplank

This composition relies on two separate synergies, the recently buffed Prime Mecha Draven strategy that looks to 3* Draven, and the Supers trait’s percentile damage bonus. Another Guinsoo’s Rageblade carry composition, relies on Draven alone, backed by a frontline full of Mech units and all three Supers units.

Ox Force Renegades

Team: Viego, Samira, Alistar, Aphelios, Talon, Leona

This composition uses Viego as its carry unit, using his ability to chain ultimate resets to turn him into a self-sustaining solo carry. Viego’s key items are a Hextech Gunblade and Ionic Spark paired with another Ability Power item. Ox Force offers secondary carries and the chance to keep Viego alive just that much longer.

B-tier teams

Star Guardian Spellslinger Hearts

Team: Taliyah, Syndra, Ekko, Yuumi, Lux, Alistar, Annie, Janna

This is an ability power-focused composition that tends to use Taliyah as its main carry, equipping her with a Spear of Shojin and a Jeweled Gauntlet. The extra mana from Star Guardian, the ability power from Heart, and the extra damage from Spellslinger turn her into one of the game’s biggest AoE damage sources.

Ace Mechs

Team: Miss Fortune, Wukong, Sett, Leona, Ekko, Alistar, Nunu

This is an expensive Mechs comp that uses Sett as a powerful tank for a backline Miss Fortune carry. Despite Draven being a Mech Ace, Aces don’t play well together unless you’re able to get all four. This composition tends to want to beef up its frontline before worrying about Samira and Mordekaiser.


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