Teamfight Tactics Set 8 art

Huge Hero Augment changes address player concerns

By Nicholas James


Feb 1, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The new Teamfight Tactics set, Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack, is having major Hero Augment changes made to address complaints about the new mechanic.

Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack is inspired by ToHo monster movies and superhero flicks. Part of this theme is the addition of the brand new type of Augments: Hero Augments. Hero Augments are a type of Augment that is offered in some games of TFT to the whole lobby at the same time. Hero Augments soup up a specific unit with new abilities or sometimes bonuses for your whole team while you field that unit. Fan complaints have said that getting awkward or unfun Hero Augments can ruin a game experience, so Riot Games has announced some huge Hero Augment changes coming in the near future.

Hero Augment changes fix fan complaints

Hero Augments can make or break your TFT composition, and getting unlucky with the offers presented to you can screw over an entire game’s worth of work. Lead TFT developer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer took to Twitter to preview fixes to the volatile nature of Hero Augments coming in the near future. Mortdog said that new rerolls would be added to Hero Augment selection that don’t affect the normal reroll players are given. The new system will give players four separate rerolls that allow the player to see up to 15 different Hero Augment options.

Hero Augments that show up on 2-1 will still be fully random, allowing players tons of choice for who their hero will be. Hero Augments that show up on 3-2 or 4-2 will be tailored to the traits the player has on the board, allowing them to search for a specific augment they want more easily. This change is specifically meant to address how swingy Hero Augments can feel to players.

Why did Hero Augments need changes?

In short, Hero Augments often mattered too much to be ignored, but were too unreliable to find what you need with just one reroll. The new system makes several steps to make TFT players feel less punished by not getting what they need from Hero Augment selection on the first try. Previously, if players wanted to see new options, they’d have to spend their only reroll for the entire game. This would block them from using that reroll on later Augments, punishing them for bad luck. The new four rerolls will be separate from the normal reroll, usable only for the Hero Augment selection process.

Overall, the proposed changes seem to be a rather elegant way of solving the issue. Without having to rework the core Augment system, TFT players will now be able to more easily play what they want how they want, rather than being at the whim of the three options presented. With the possibility of seeing up to 15 Hero Augments, you’re more likely than not to find something you’re willing to play and excited about. These changes will hit the live server on Patch 13.3.


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