Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights revealed, removes 2 traits

By Nicholas James


Jan 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The mid-set update to Gadgets and Gizmos has been announced, with Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights set to succeed it.

The Teamfight Tactics developers at Riot Games put out an announcement showing off plans for the mid-set update, Teamfight Tactics’ seventh set, and even further beyond.

Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights brings big changes after Gizmos and Gadgets

Gadgets and Gizmos is reaching its halfway point, and will be replaced by Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights in mid-February. The Piltover-themed set will be modified to match the high-style, high-life aesthetic of the Debonair skin line. Debonair takes place in a fictional fantastical city filled with magic and intrigue.

Given that the Debonair event and skin line took over the League of Legends client recently, it’s not too surprising to see it return to the spotlight through Teamfight Tactics. In the video, Riot details Teamfight Tactics’ upcoming event with the Lunar Legends Festival before dropping some hints about the incoming update.

Academy and Imperial removed in Neon Nights

Two traits from Gizmos and Gadgets will be removed Teamfight Tactics during the mid-set update, with Imperial and Academy getting the boot. Some of the units, like Leona, will likely remain with new traits, but Academy itself and all related Hextech Augments will be gone.

Imperial is the same, with other units coming in to replace both. Lucian, Brand, Sivir, Corki, Kha’Zix, Alistar, and Arcane’s antagonist Silco are all confirmed as new units. Other Hextech Augments will be removed and added to keep TFT’s most successful set yet from growing old.

Debonair and Hextech will be the new traits. Leona, Leblanc, Malzahar, Zed, Master Yi, and Draven are prime candidates considering their recent adaptations with the fan-voted Debonair 2.0 skinline. Leona and Malzahar already exist in the Gadgets and Gizmos roster and might see Debonair added to their trait list. Other changes remain mysterious, but will be clarified when Neon Nights hits PBE.


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