Here’s how to get 3-star 5-cost units in Teamfight Tactics

By Nicholas James


Jan 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

In Gadgets and Gizmos, the latest Teamfight Tactics set, 3-star 5-cost units are incredibly powerful and can win games on their own against entire nine-unit teams.

How quickly can a player theoretically assemble a 3-star 5-cost piece, and what’s are some of the fastest examples of these game-ending carries? Thanks to the new set, it’s possible to assemble the most powerful units in the game faster than ever.

What augments and traits speed up 3-star 5-cost building?

Getting one of the most expensive units in the game to the highest tier requires nine of these especially rare champions, so the best way to acquire them early is to lean on the newest addition to Teamfight Tactics, Hextech Augments.

Chromatic Augments are the best way to get there early, with several of them giving players ridiculously acceleration on either unit acquisition or experience. Level Up!, High-End Shopping, and Loaded Dice can be especially helpful in this regard, with ways to essentially “cheat” the normal math of the shop.

Mercenaries’ accelerated loot from cashing out the treasure chest is another easy way to be ahead of the usual curve. In fact, Mercenaries are the way that one player assembled an incredibly quick 3-cost 5-star at round 4-6.

In the clip that garnered lots of attention on Reddit, the player recording cashes out an enormous Mercenary treasure chest and is showered in gold and loot, including Neeko’s Helps. The player then rushes to level nine in order to give themselves the best possible chance at acquiring 5-cost units. From that point, they spend almost all of their gold acquiring enough Kai’Sas to slam a 3-star before the fifth stage even starts.

This area, just before and around the third Hextech Augment, seems to be about as soon as one can hope to assemble these units. It might be theoretically possible to do it sooner but even this fast is a statistical aberration.


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