Team Liquid Yeon wins LCS Rookie of the Year

By Melany Moncada


Aug 4, 2023

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Team Liquid’s bot laner Sean “Yeon” Sung has been named Rookie of the Year in the LCS.

It is a good season for North American talent. Yeon received the Rookie of the Year award just days before Team Liquid plays its potential final match of the season. In contention for the title was Yeon’s teammate, Eain “APA” Stearns.

The Rookie of the Year is decided through a voting process that took place back in July. LCS broadcast team, media, and pro teams cast their votes in the five different categories, which also include Most Improved Player, Coaching Staff of the Split, and Most Valuable Player.

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Team Liquid Yeon is the Rookie of the Year

Yeon started playing League of Legends in 2014 when he was just 13. He was recruited by 100 Thieves to be part of the 100 Thieves Next initiative.

Yeon participated in the 2020 North America Scouting Grounds. APA was also part of the event. After Scouting Grounds, Yeon was drafted by CLG, and he only lasted ten days with the organization. In December of the same year, Team Liquid Academy recruited him. After two years playing Academy, he was promoted to the LCS’ main roster.

Despite his shaky start in the Spring, Yeon has proven to be a solid player for Team Liquid. According to the organization, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in has mentored Yeon for quite some time.

In a time when teams are deciding not to support the amateur scene, players like Yeon remind them why it is important. Yeon was developed as a player first in 100 Thieves and then in Team Liquid. In the off-season, the team trusted that after years of nurturing him, Yeon would be up for the LCS challenge.

Team Liquid finished the Summer Split regular season in fourth place. In playoffs, Team Liquid was relegated to the loser’s bracket and is set to face 100 Thieves.


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