Team Liquid signs new and exclusive deal with Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Feb 26, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Team Liquid has announced that Twitch as the esports organization’s sponsorship sales partner. The team called the partnership “their most ambitious crossover” yet.

The multi-year sponsorship sales agreement involves Twitch working with brands to create unique partnerships with Team Liquid. The streaming service will help brands enter the pro gaming industry through partnerships with the esports giant. This is the first time Twitch has signed a direct managing deal with another organization.

The partnership comes after an eight-year exclusive streaming deal between Team Liquid and Twitch.

“They have one of the most winning records in history,” said Twitch sponsorship boss Kristen Salvatore. “Working with a seasoned brand like Team Liquid offers commercial brands the perfect opportunity to reach a savvy audience with relevant, high-quality content.”

Twitch’s official press release stated that the streaming platform will now offer “one-stop access to Team Liquid.”

As Team Liquid looks to build a stronger community, CEO Steve Arhancet said the deal with Twitch will support that goal.

“Twitch’s unrivalled network and expertise makes them the perfect partner to help us reach even more brands that share our vision,” he said.

Twitch has been picking up the pace when it comes to its involvement in esports, including an exclusive streaming partnership with Fnatic. These types of partnerships include exclusive content and streamed events.

Twitch has also been instrumental in shaping Fortnite streamer Richard “Ninja” Blevins’ esports career, including the controversial ads Twitch ran for Ninja’s New Years stream on other creator’s channels.

Despite some missteps, it’s clear that Twitch has been looking to have a larger presence in the esports industry. This partnership with Team Liquid speaks to that effort.


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