Fnatic announces partnership with Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Feb 6, 2019

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Fnatic has promised new live creative content as part of its exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch.

Fans can expect to interact more with all of Fnatic’s teams now, as every pro player in the organization will soon be streaming live shows exclusively through Twitch.

“We can’t wait to bring out new ideas and experiment with the platform to create future entertainment experiences,” said Fnatic brand director Benoit Pagotto.

Thousands of fans tuned in for Fnatic’s Legends in Action Live event in January, the first streamed event the organization hosted as part of the new collaboration. Legends in Action Live showcased player interviews and exclusive previews of upcoming events.

“We plan to work closely with Fnatic to foster even more engagement around their exciting content,” said Petya Zheleva, Twitch’s esports partnerships manager.

The exclusive partnership is a good opportunity for Twitch to flex it’s new community-inspired streaming innovation called Extensions. Viewers can interact with streaming hosts and their games more than before, through panels that are directly integrated into the live stream. This includes voting and checking real-time stats and information during games.

One Extension, Smart Click Maps by ExMachina, reveals a “heatmap” of clicks, allowing viewers to click directly on the live stream to suggest the creator’s next move, card, or weapon. Kappa Pet by Porcupine is a “virtual pet that lives on the channel page” that loves to respond to viewers, and evolves as the stream runs. It takes a nap when the creator is offline.

“What makes this partnership special is that we believe Fnatic and Twitch share the vision of bringing esports into every household through new forms of content,” said Fnatic CEO Wouter Sleijffers.


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