T1 breaks record with 17 minutes win at MSI 2023

By Melany Moncada


May 11, 2023

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T1 is breaking records at MSI 2023. In the match against MAD Lions, the LCK’s representative established the record for the second-fastest game at an international event.

Game three in the series between T1 and LEC’s number one seed MAD Lions at MSI 2023 was nothing short of a rollercoaster. After securing two victories in a dominant fashion, T1 put an end to the series with a win in under 17 minutes.

With a record of 16:50 minutes, T1’s win over MAD Lions is the second-fastest game at an international event in League of Legends history. Funnily enough, T1 also holds the record for the fastest game but with a defeat. The record was established at MSI 2019, where Invictus Gaming defeated T1 in 16:01 minutes.

After this victory, T1 is heading to the next stage of the competition, where it will be facing Gen.G. The LCK Spring finals rematch is taking place on May 13. On the same day, G2 Esports and MAD Lions will play in the loser’s bracket for the final chance to stay in the competition.

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After two days of games, the LCK representatives are looking like strong contenders for the title. A double LCK final is still a possibility, thanks to MSI’s double-elimination format. Whoever loses between Gen.G and T1 will fall into the loser’s bracket.

Faker celebrates 200 international matches

T1’s midlaner and League of Legends GOAT Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok became the first player to play 200 matches on an international stage.

After ten years of career, Faker not only stays in great condition but also continues to break records. Faker is one of two players who have won the League of Legends World Championship three times, the other one being T1’s coach Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong. Faker also has two MSI titles and could add a third to his trophy case in 2023.


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