MSI 2023 Bracket Stage full schedule and predictions

By Melany Moncada


May 8, 2023

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After six days of intense competition, everything is ready for the Bracket Stage at MSI 2023. The schedule is set, and soon we will have a new MSI champion.

Eight teams competed in Play-Ins, but only three secured a spot in the next stage of the competition. Bilibili Gaming, G2 Esports, and Golden Guardians join the five teams already pre-qualified for the Bracket Stage.

In the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage, teams will be competing in a double elimination bracket where all matches are best-of-five.

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MSI 2023 Bracket Stage Schedule

This year, an interesting coincidence happened during the draw. The EMEA teams will be facing the LCK representatives, while the LCS teams are going against the LPL.

May 9 – Gen.G vs. G2 Esports

G2 started its MSI run from the Play-In Stage, where it finished undefeated. Now in the Bracket Stage, it will face the LCK Spring champion, Gen.G. This is, arguably, the closest match in the bracket.

Teams that start in the Play-In stage tend to have a small advantage over teams that start from the second round. Heading into the Bracket Stage, G2 has a better understanding of the tournament’s meta, and that could give it the edge over Gen.G in the first bracket match of the MSI 2023 schedule.

May 10 – MAD Lions vs. T1

MAD Lions made it to MSI 2023 as the LEC Spring champion. The team’s quality is undeniable, but the question is whether MAD is good enough to take down T1 or not.

T1 had an almost perfect Spring season, and many predicted the team to take its 11th LCK title. The team crashed and burned against Gen.G in the finals. However, that should not be taken as an indication of the team’s level ahead of MSI. At its best, T1 can defeat any team in the world. On a shaky day, MAD might have a chance.

May 11 – Cloud9 vs. Bilibili Gaming

Historically, Cloud9 is the best-performing LCS team at international events. If there is one team that can do the impossible and take down LPL’s second seed, it is C9.

Bilibili Gaming had a commanding performance during Play-Ins and only dropped one game to an LCS team. In this matchup, the LPL will always be the favorite, but C9 certainly has a chance.

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May 12 – JD Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

On its international debut, is proving to be a more than capable contender. In the Play-In Stage, only the LPL’s number two could defeat them. Now, Golden Guardians is challenging the LPL’s champion.

JD Gaming is becoming a permanent fixture at international events. The LPL champion is, to no one’s surprise, one of the favorites to win the event. Golden Guardians will be facing the biggest challenge in the team’s history.


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