Streamer reaches Master rank in LoL in 60 hours with no sleep

By Nicholas James


Mar 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A Brazilian streamer has reached Master by grinding for 60 hours non-stop with absolutely no sleep that entire time.

Brazilian Jax player and streamer Nicklink is not the first to attempt an unranked to Master or Challenger rank challenge. But most content creators treat this journey as a marathon rather than a sprint, with the climb to the highest ranks taking weeks on average. Nicklink decided to speedrun the ranked grind, reaching Master in a ridiculous time frame.

Nicklink began his placement games on stream and continued to broadcast his journey through League of Legends’ ranks. The account he played on was appropriately named “O Desafio,” which translates from Brazilian Portuguese to “The Challenge.” A challenger it was, with Nicklink refusing to sleep or turn off the stream until he hit at least Master rank.

To nobody’s surprise, Nicklinks’ vast majority of games were on his signature champion, Jax. Nicklink walked away from the 60 hours of non-stop League of Legends with 75 games of Jax and a whopping 84% win rate on the old-school duelist. His next most-played champion was Tryndamere with five games, three of which he lost.

Nicklink clearly knew that he was best off sticking to what got him to the dance, and managed to climb to Master rank in a mere 90 games.

No sleep on Summoner’s Rift

Rather than break up his stream, Nicklink stayed online for the entirety of the climb. This ended up with him reaching Master in 60 hours of unbroken broadcasting for the Brazilian player. While an impressive feat of endurance, it’s definitely not advisable to deprive oneself of sleep for that length of time, even if they are smurfing their way through the ranks.

Fans on Reddit both applauded Nicklink’s accomplishment as well as hoped he got the requisite rest after the better part of three days of streaming.


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