Stray cat game

Stray developers running charity drive for real-life stray cats

By Olivia Richman


Jul 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Stray has officially been released and it’s giving more than a fun cat simulation experience as Annapurna Interactive is helping a charity that saves cats.

Stray has been highly anticipated since it was first announced and has become a hit game on PlayStation and PC. It’s currently part of the PlayStation Plus Games Catalog, meaning you can play it for free if you have a Premium membership. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with gamers marveling at the beautiful world and realistic cat behaviors.

The story is all about helping the four-legged protagonist find his family. Now, cat lovers can also help cats find homes in real life through Annapurna Interactive’s fundraiser.

How Stray developers are helping raise money for homeless cats

Annapurna Interactive teamed up with Cats Protection to raise money for homeless cats. Cats Protection is a non-profit charity run by volunteers who save over 166,000 kittens and cats a year. It’s the largest and oldest cat-focused charity, having rehomed over 2 million cats over the past 90 years.

To help raise money for kitties in need, enter the Stray giveaway. Go to the giveaway page and enter your details for a chance to win a free copy of Stray. You can also raise money for Cats Protection by signing up to be a Pawsome Player and then streaming with the goal of raising money for homeless cats.

For those based in the United States, donate $5 to the Nebraska Humane Society shelter. Entrants have a chance to win a code for Stray while also raising money for cats in need.

On Facebook, Pusheen also promoted the game and charitable efforts. The cat community has been rallying behind Stray and this charity, hoping to make an impact when it comes to saving stray cats. There are unfortunately between 60 and 100 million stray cats in the United States alone.


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