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Should you buy Stray? Yes, according to reviews of the game

By Olivia Richman


Jul 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Stray is a highly-anticipated indie game that has gamers playing as a cat searching for its family in a futuristic cyperpunk city. With Stray coming out on July 19, many gamers are wondering if it’s worth downloading the unique game between matches of League of Legends or bouts of Elden Ring.

According to dozens of reviews online, the answer is a definitive yes. Here’s why reviews say you should play Stray.

Stray has an immersive, detailed world

While being a cat is enough for some fans of felines, Stray is more than just a kitty simulator. The neon, apocalyptic city of Mid-Town is immersive and complete in its design, looking just as stunning as its concept art, according to AV Club. There are robot citizens all around but no dialogue, leaving you feeling quite alone and isolated.

The world isn’t just beautiful to look at. Reviewers have marveled at BlueTwelve’s ability to make the city feel complete and void of “invisible walls.” There’s surfaces to jump on everywhere, allowing your cat to walk along walls and doors. If you don’t see something in your way, it means you can most likely jump up there and walk along it.

“Early on, in the first of two major hub-like chunks of the city, I spent so much time leaping on pipes, air conditioners, walls, roofs, you name it – all sorts of stuff that would just be a background detail in any other game,” wrote Destructoid.

Stray cat game

Simple gameplay makes Stray accessible to most gamers

There is no combat in Stray. It’s more about solving puzzles and figuring out situations than pressing buttons quickly or having good aim when making a jump. Players will usually be looking for ways they can use their cat-inspired skills to forge ahead in the city, like knocking things over to open new paths or finding places to climb onto.

This doesn’t mean Stray is super straightforward and mundane, however. Every area feels different in Stray, with some focused on open world exploring and others challenging you to be sneaky.

Reviewers truly feel like they are a cat in Stray

Stray is one of the most realistic portrayals of a playable cat seen in gaming. While the game itself is considered quite short at about six to eight hours of play time, it can be extended if you take time to explore every area and just enjoy your time as a cat. While there are always goals to complete, you can choose to ignore them as is very fitting for a cat and just do what cats do: knock over breakable items, scratch couches, even sleep.

Being able to be stealthy and agile like a cat adds to the effect. In fact, the gameplay relies on you behaving and thinking like a cat to solve various puzzles and challenges. This makes you feel even more like a cat as you continue to be immersed in the game.

A few things about Stray to keep in mind

While exploring the world is part of the fun of Stray and can also find useful items to use in-game, the gameplay can feel repetitive to some. You’ll find yourself jumping on a lot of the same types of objects over and over, according to AV Club. This could maybe be solved by taking a break from the main objectives to scratch a rug or rub against a robot’s leg.

Reviewers also warned cat lovers that some moments in the game may be hard to digest. While creating a realistic cat experience is overall a positive, it did make it more difficult for some players when the cat gets hurt. You can even die, with the cat going limp after falling from high surfaces. Seeing a realistic cat fall to its death could be upsetting for some.

Overall, Stray has been receiving positive reviews for its charming and intelligent world building, beautifully constructed city, and realistic cat gameplay. This is definitely a game cat lovers won’t want to miss.


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