Starfield beats Skyrim for the most concurrent players record

By Olivia Richman


Sep 10, 2023

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Recent data has shown that Starfield reached more peak concurrent players on Steam than even Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Starfield has been a controversial game since it was released. After a massively hyped few months leading up to its launch, a lot of gamers expressed disappointment with the game’s navigation, allegedly limited exploration, and weak storyline. This hasn’t stopped people from playing the game a lot, however.

According to SteamDB, Starfield has now broken its all-time peak record with just under 314,000 concurrent players over the weekend. This beat Skyrim’s peak, which was 287,411 about 12 years ago. But Fallout 4 still remains in the lead with 472,962 peak concurrent players, which happened eight years ago.

This is also not counting how many players have been experiencing Starfield on Xbox with the Game Pass.

Starfield proves to be a success with Bethesda fans

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While a lot of prominent streamers and hardcore gamers alike have claimed that Starfield is not the game they hoped for, a lot of people have continued to grind the game between Baldur’s Gate 3 play sessions.

Fans of Bethesda have pointed out that a lot of the initial complaints about Starfield are actually typical for the game studio, including stiff characters, bad gunplay, and boring side quests. The complaints about the game being full of bugs is also par for the course, with many pointing out how Skyrim and Fallout were full of endless issues and were still enjoyed for decades.

There are definitely complaints to be made about Starfield, but it seems like it has been a great adventure for a lot of gamers at the same time. Players enjoy stealing ships, endlessly exploring side quests, and standing up for the game whenever a hater leaves a negative review.

The conclusion is that Starfield is a classic Bethesda title with some improvements and modern updates. It may not be perfect and has a lot of glaring flaws, but it also has all of the elements Bethesda fans have been craving now that Skyrim and Fallout have been beaten multiple times.


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