Starfield beats Baldur’s Gate 3 in sales — and it’s not out yet

By Olivia Richman


Aug 29, 2023

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Waiting for Starfield — impatiently? You’re not alone. Apparently, Starfield has become the top seller on Steam already.

Baldur’s Gate 3 made headlines when it became the biggest game on Steam just hours after it launched. Now, Starfield has taken the top spot from the Dungeons & Dragons game even though it’s not out till next month.

Starfield Early Access is coming on August 31 and the official launch is September 6.

Starfield is a top seller in the US

A quick glance at the Steam top seller page shows that Starfield has taken the top spot from Baldur’s Gate 3 when it comes to purchases made in the United States.

All of the purchases made for the game so far are pre-purchases, meaning people pre-ordered the game on Steam ahead of its release. Steam currently offers the base edition of Starfield for $69.99 and the digital premium edition for $99.99.

Starfield is also the number-one game for other countries, including Australia, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.

The top-selling Steam game in the world

When it comes to global sales, however, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is number one. Despite being over ten years old, the classic FPS has beaten Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield in terms of revenue raised.

With Counter-Strike 2 on its way (eventually), the amount of people downloading CSGO and making in-game purchases should dwindle. It will be sad to see CSGO lose its top spot after all these years, but CS2 will be a shiny distraction for FPS gamers.


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