Phil Spencer Fallout 76

Fallout 76 player nukes Xbox CEO Phil Spencer’s camp

By Olivia Richman


May 9, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Gamers have retaliated on Xbox by nuking CEO Phil Spencer’s Fallout 76 campsite.

Microsoft Gaming has received a lot of backlash over the past week for closing down studios like Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks. Many gaming employees have been laid off over the last year, and many are starting to grow frustrated with major publishers over their seemingly selfish decisions as the industry shrinks.

In response, a Fallout 76 player known as real1090jake fulfilled his goal of exploding Spencer’s campsite.

Phil Spencer campsite nuked in Fallout 76

For over a month, real1090jake has been praying for Spencer’s downfall in Fallout 76. He had a long time goal of taking down his camp in Fallout 76 and finally did it earlier in May.

According to a DM real1090jake sent to Kotaku, he initially hoped to catch Spencer in the wild and make him agree to a fight.

“Trying to take him down was just a personal goal for me after I finished the main quest line,” he continued.

On May 9, a player noticed that Spencer’s camp had been nuked. The screenshot shows a user known as P3 with his entire camp engulfed in red. In response, real1090jake said he was “guilty.”

Spencer is known for spending hundreds of hours playing games every year. Most players knew who P3 was and would often swarm him, causing him to “jump around the map.” When real1090jake finally found him, he explained that he attempted to 1v1 Spencer but the CEO only waved back.

That’s when real1090jake decided he had to explode the camp. He said: “He was the final boss in my eyes. In an RPG, I prefer to be the bad guy.”

Spencer and Microsoft have been under fire all year. In January, when the acquisition of Blizzard was complete, the company had mass layoffs. Meanwhile, people like Spencer saw even larger salaries. Microsoft rubbed people the wrong way again when it announced that first-party console exclusives like Sea of Thieves would be heading to PlayStation 5. Were the studio closures the last straw for real1090jake?

The Fallout 76 player said that he didn’t have any real issue with Spencer but had wanted to take down the famous player for weeks. Exploding his camp had become a mission for him as a roleplaying idea rather than revenge for Microsoft’s wrongdoings.

Still, if Spencer agreed to a 1v1 real1090jake admitted he would have mini-nuked him.

“Phil’s cool,” he claimed.

Let’s wait and see if Spencer retaliates by shutting down Bethesda.