SSSniperwolf vs. Jacksfilms doxxing allegations explained

By Olivia Richman


Oct 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The internet is in an uproar after popular reaction YouTuber Alia “SSSniperwolf” Shelesh allegedly doxxed content creator John “Jacksfilms” Douglass on her Instagram.

SSSniperwolf has become famous over a variety of controversies the past few years, including being accused of extreme photo editing and faking video game content. Most recently, however, she has been under fire from Jacksfilms and other creators for her “lazy” reaction videos, with many accusing her of not adding anything of value to the stolen content she watches on her YouTube channel.

This most recent situation has created a massive feud between SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms — he often posts daily content mocking her highly viewed reaction videos, criticizing her for not including the original poster’s information and rehashing the same jokes repeatedly.

In response, SSSniperwolf decided to allegedly confront Jacksfilms in person.

SSSniperwolf accused of doxxing Jacksfilms

In a move that has angered the content creator community, SSSniperwolf posted an Instagram story to her millions of followers that included Jacksfilms’ address where he lives with his wife.

“Should I go visit Jacksfilms? He lives five minutes away from my shoot,” she asked her followers.

SSSniperwolf then shared a photo of Jacksfilms’ home on her Instagram story. During a livestream, Jacksfilms was alerted of the Instagram story and abruptly ended his stream, clearly upset.

On X, Jacksfilms shared the since-deleted story and accused SSSniperwolf of being “creepy, gross, and violating.” He then called her a “stalker.”

In response to the accusations, she said that Jacksfilms was “harassing” her for months and is now “playing the victim.” In the Instagram story, she also added that she “just wanted to talk to him.”

Jacksfilms and his followers were not pleased with this response, with many popular YouTubers stating that she could have simply DMd him if she truly wanted to discuss the rivalry. Instead, she showed up at his house unannounced.

Many are wondering if she will be canceled for doxxing Jacksfilms. But so far, all of her behavior has not led to any consequences.