SSSniperWolf drama

All about SSSniperWolf’s drama, from Photoshop to fake gameplay

By Olivia Richman


Jan 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Now a reaction YouTuber beloved by children, Alia “SSSniperWolf” Shelesh used to be known for her gaming streams and sultry Instagram photos. SSSniperWolf drama has continued to reshape her career, leading to totally different content.

SSSniperWolf was named “Favorite Gamer” at the Kids Choice Awards just a few years ago, causing uproar in the gaming community. She used to be known for playing Overwatch at a competitive level, but viewers started to become suspicious of her legitimacy.

Her claims that she hated playing support and reached top 500 by solo queuing as a DPS already had Overwatch players questioning her. One of SSSniperWolf’s friends actually streamed a game where he and other top 500 players carried SSSniperWolf up the ranks while she played Lucio. During the stream, he would even check what rank the team got her to. At another point, he stopped his stream so that he could focus on “boosting” her.

Does SSSniperWolf play video games anymore?

SSSniperWolf’s Overwatch journey was all the way back in 2016. But she continued to play other titles for years to come. Fans suspected that she was using fake gameplay once more.

While playing Fortnite, gamers started to scrutinize her gameplay during her streams. It became obvious that she was only showing closeup shots of her face, not allowing viewers to see her using her controller. She would also seemingly react to in-game moments before they actually happened.

Does SSSniperWolf Photoshop her pictures?

Another drama surrounding SSSniperWolf had to do with her very popular Instagram account. The gamer girl would often claim that she hated Photoshop and photo editing, but internet sleuths could tell that her pictures had been manipulated to change her appearance, often strategically increasing the side of her rear.

The internet was also suspicious about SSSniperWolf’s claim that she never got any plastic surgery. Fans noticed a big difference in her nose, chest, backside, and other areas over the years. But while few really judged her possible decision to get surgery, the internet was left frustrated that SSSniperWolf was not only denying her own surgery, but also insulting women who have acknowledged having work done.

“[My boyfriend, Sausage] hates fake [breasts], fake anything. And I hate them too now. I feel like it’s disgusting. It’s like two balls… It’s not even fat, it’s hard,” SSSniperWolf said in one video.

What else did SSSniperWolf do?

After all of the continued SSSniperWolf drama over the legitimacy her gaming habits, the content creator has since decided to focus more on reaction videos. She now has over 27 million subscribers on YouTube, meaning she is just as popular as ever. But today, SSSniperWOlf appeals to a far different crowd. But this new focus has also led to some controversy.

One of her fans was a child named Kiara, a young girl dying of a serious illness. After another YouTuber made SSSniperWolf aware of the little girl and her wish to meet SSSniperWolf, who then reached out to Kiara’s mother. The two agreed to a video chat around the Christmas holiday, but SSSniperWolf continued to back out of plans.

The mother eventually called out SSSniperWolf and then blocked her. SSSniperWolf tweeted later on that she got a hold of the mother and met virtually with Kiara. But many people felt that SSSniperWolf only did it to avoid backlash on social media, not because she truly wanted to meet with the dying child.

How old is SSSniperWolf?

SSSniperWolf was born in October 1992, making her 29 years old today. She continues to be a popular influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and elsewhere. With 5.3 million followers on Instagram, don’t be surprised to see more photos of SSSniperWolf making the rounds, whether they’re Photoshopped or not.