Snoop Dogg rage quits Madden Twitch stream, stays live for hours

By Olivia Richman


Mar 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Snoop Dogg wasn’t able to stay calm after the opposing team scored a touchdown while he was live-streaming Madden NFL 20. 

Snoop Dogg exclaimed some profanities before immediately going to the menu to shut down his console. After a few more moments, Snoop Dogg let out more expletives as he started pounding on his desk in frustration. He yelled that his team was bad before standing up and taking off his headphones. 

But according to viewers, the old school rapper had the live stream on for several hours even after he had stormed off. Strangely enough, Snoop’s viewership went up once he was done playing. While he was still playing the game, Snoop Dogg had 200-300 viewers. After his rage quit, Snoop’s view count rapidly climbed, ultimately reaching 4,400 concurrent viewers by the time he came back to shut off his computer. 

The sports streamer seemed unaware that he had left the live stream on. He had no reaction or emotion at all when he came back into the room. 

Snoop Dogg viewers climb on Twitch after his rage quit

A lot of fans were surprised to hear how little viewers a famous rapper like Snoop Dogg would have. His average viewership is only 300, with a peak of 968 in the last three months. Other celebrities have similar viewership. Despite rapper Logic having over 100,000 on his first Twitch stream, his most recent broadcasts have brought in under 1,000 viewers. 

According to one Twitch viewer, Snoop Dogg doesn’t interact with his chat at all. A lot of celebrities might not be aware of the effort it takes to have a successful stream. This usually includes entertaining viewers, interacting with them, and doing other things that can distract from the game at hand. Simply playing the game is typically not enough to be a popular streamer on Twitch. A lot of celebrities also don’t have set streaming schedules, meaning they will suddenly decide to start streaming without warning. 

Raging in Madden is quite common. The game’s poor coding leads to a lot of frustrating moments that are out of the player’s control. It’s no surprise that Snoop Dogg got worked up. He’s also been known to be pretty salty in the past when he’s lost matches or performed poorly in tournaments. 


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